The Perfect Buy-and-Hold Forever Stock

A Rare Business Model Since 2008 this company has converted 58 cents of every dollar of EBIT into free cash flow. This is like a company with a 35% tax rate converting 90% of reported after-tax earnings into free cash flow. All the while it was paying interest and growing sales at rates above nominal GDP growth. […]

What is Real Money

The only real money is precious metals. Central Banks can print as much paper money as much as they like. Please listen : Podcasts

Delusional Markets

Stocks,Bond are over priced and expensive. Markets is about to correct downwards and Gold and Silver to go up. For our Podcast :

Speaking in Philadelphia at The MicroCap Conference 2016 on October 24th and 25th

I’ll be speaking about my books and research in Philadelphia at The MicroCap Conference on October 24th and 25th. Should be a lot of fun. The focus of The MicroCap Conference is to highlight the most attractive companies across various sectors. We will be bringing up to 75 companies in addition to expert speakers to present to the audience. […]