March Hike Odds Soar Above 70% After Hawkish Assault From Dudley, Williams

Update: the March odds continue to surge and are now at 72% and rising. The Fed is really doing its best to convince the market that a March rate hike is coming, and it seems to be working. First, it was Philly Fed president Patrick Harker, who speaking at Temple University reiterated his comments from […]

Nomi Prins: Here’s How to Prosper in the Age of Artisanal Money

This post Nomi Prins: Here’s How to Prosper in the Age of Artisanal Money appeared first on Daily Reckoning. Nomi Prins joined the Mises Institute together with Jeff Deist where she discussed Prospering in the Age of Artisanal Money and what she views as the threat of central bank power to the financial system. “She […]

YouTube Users Now Watch 1 Billion Hours Per Day, Set To Surpass US TV Viewership

In a dramatic confirmation of the relentless growth of online video, at the expense of the agonizing, slow death of conventional TV, YouTube said that its worldwide viewers are now watching more than 1 billion hours of videos a day, on pace to eclipse total US TV viewership over the next few years, a milestone […]

"It's T-Day" – Trader Warns "Standby For Disappointment"

T-day has arrived for markets, says Bloomberg's (and former FX trader) Mark Cudmore,  warning that Trump’s speech to Congress will probably terminate the last vestiges of market hope for early inflationary action from the new administration. It’s not a done deal though. He could still surprise positively. It seems improbable given his track record, but […]

Oil Spikes On OPEC/White House Headlines

A double-whammy of bullish news hit WTI crude futures shortly after 1300ET today sending prices soaring. First, The White House denied earlier rumors on changes to the ethanol mandate; and then Reuters confirmed OPEC production cut compliance steady at 94%. First,earlier rumors of a change to the ethanol mandate were denied by The White House… […]

Despite Rising Mortgage Rates, Home Prices Jump Most In A Year

Despite soaring mortgage rates, US home prices rose at 5.58% year-over-year in December according to the latest (lagged) data from S&P Case-Shiller. The 0.93% monthly gain in the best for December in at least a decade. However, the lagged response (as seen in pending home sales this week) suggests this odd ‘stability’ in home price […]

Trump Accuses Obama Of Being Behind Protests, Leaks

In an interview with Fox & Friends that aired early Tuesday morning, President Trump blamed former President Obama for protests against him and other Republicans, as well as “possibly” some of the leaks from the White House: “I think President Obama’s behind it, because his people are certainly behind it.” Trump was asked if he […]