Mexican Archdiocese Blasts "Immoral" Companies Building Border Wall As "Traitors To Homeland"

Last week we noted that Mexico’s Economy Minister, Ildefonso Guajardo, was somewhat less than completely supportive of Trump’s impenetrable, yet “aesthetically pleasing”, 30-foot border wall and issued a stark warning to Mexican companies that it would not be in their best “interests” to participate in the project even though there would be no explicit legal […]

The Next Clash Emerges: Trump-Ryan Deeply Divided Over Tax 'Cuts'

After failing to achieve Republican agreement over healthcare reform, The Washington Post reports that while President Trump and House Speaker Paul D. Ryan both want to rewrite the tax code, they are deeply divided over how much tax relief to give the middle class. As WaPo details, Trump proposed a plan that would have reduced […]

NY Fed: "Oil Prices Fell Due To Weakening Demand"

When it comes to the price of oil, both the sellside and oil producers have been adamant that the only variable that matters is supply, i.e., how much oil is produced at any given moment which was also the justification behind the Vienna production cut deal: reduce supply enough, and the record global inventory glut […]

Top House Intel Democrat Calls On Nunes To Recuse Himself From Russia Probe

Following similar calls by his ideological peers, the top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee demanded on Monday evening that Committee Chair, Devin Nunes, should recuse himself from “any further involvement” into President Trump’s campaign ties with Russia. “After much consideration I believe Chairman should recuse himself from involvement in investigation/oversight of Trump campaign & […]