Central Banking Warfare Model Readies The Next Step – Rory Hall

April 20, 2017

The global capacity for debt has reached its zenith. So-called
developed markets and emerging markets have all reached maximum debt
load. Of the all the major countries that impact the global GDP name one
that’s not fully levered with debt. I’ll wait here while you look for
that needle in a haystack.

We came into the bail outs. The G7 had levered up.
Then we had the emerging markets lever up and they’re finished levering
up and now everybody’s levered up.

There is no place to go. We can go to an equity model and we can
optimize bottom-up but that requires a legitimate pricing function. And
when you’re trying to run the whole thing with fake intel, fake science,
fake news…The harvesting machine needs a new way to dig and digital
currency and digital cash is that way. But you need all those countries
in the tent and you need the ability to force everybody into a digital

The world (tent) must get inline with the idea of global governance and global currency, otherwise, it will not work.

Cryptocurrencies and all the people who believe this digital illusion
is going to somehow save us from the evil banksters are overlooking
what I have been saying since bitcoin first came onto the scene – it
plays into the hands of the banksters and their desire to move us all to
a digital currency. If someone believes for a second that Amazon or any
other large multinational corporation that conducts retail business is
going to accept bitcoin when they have been instructed not to, they are
simply living in a fantasy.

That’s why the guys from bitcoin drive me nuts. Because they think “Oh this is how we’re going to be free“. No, you’re prototyping Mr. Globals digital currency.Source

If a person thinks the central banks and their digital currency will
COMPETE with bitcoin you are not seeing the entire picture. That is not
going to happen – EVER. The reason gold was outlawed in the U.S. in the
1930’s was to keep gold from competing with the Federal Reserve Note.
Why would anyone believe the Federal Reserve is going to allow a digital
form of currency to compete with their wealth transferring mechanism on
a large scale?

In the video – America: Freedom to Fascism
– Aaron Russo discusses what one of the Rothschilds explained to him.
This scheming, blood sucking bankster tells Mr. Russo the people will
all be chipped and the currency will be digital. Do you honestly think
bitcoin will be included in this “mark of the beast” technology? If the
cash is eliminated and we can only use digital currency the banks would
have the ability to turn off an individuals access to funds. If bitcoin,
or any other cryptocurrency, is allowed to operate this would not work.
The banks would not be able to enslave the people. The slave trade
would collapse.

The only remaining question is wether China and Russia are in on the
scheme. China already has a digital currency and most of the
transactions in China are conducted without the use of cash. So, China
is on board. That leaves Russia. What will Russia’s role be in moving to
a digital currency operated by the central banks?

For me, it always comes back to gold and gold as currency. How would
gold work in this new paradigm? What role would gold play? Will gold be,
once again, outlawed, confiscated or simply remain outside the system?

Gold and silver have been money for thousands of years. The golden
rule still applies – he who has the gold makes the rules. China and,
their military partner, Russia, have lots of gold. India has a lot of
gold in the hands of the citizens, but the central bank of India is not a
major player like China and Russia. India has not been purposely adding
to their gold horde the way Russia and China have been doing for the
past decade. It’s funny to see India doing all they can to get their
citizens to move away from acquiring physical gold while across the
border in China the government is encouraging – and make it very easy –
for the citizens to acquire gold. The Chinese citizens have been
responding ever since this initiative was first announced. On the other
hand, the citizens of India do all they can to keep the banking cabal
and corrupt government out of their gold stash.

The western “developed” world is in desperate need of a major large
scale war. Large scale war is the one thing that can cover the crimes of
the western banking cabal and allow the system to be reset while the
criminals blame someone else. Russia and China are the obvious targets
of the U.S./U.K. with North Korea playing a minor role and possibly
being used as a pawn to jump-start the whole thing. Syria is all about
the oil and gas pipelines, so, Syria could be a jumping off point as

Whoever starts the next world war rest assured the U.S. will not be
spared. Bombs will land on this soil and eliminate entire cities.

The world can not escape the debt saturation we find ourselves
entangled. There are only a handful ways to get out of the web and war
has always been, throughout all of history, the primary way this has
happened. The difference today is nuclear weapons. Nuclear weapons
create problems for thousands of years so is it really a viable option? A
debt jubilee/reset is another way debt has been handled throughout
history, however, the world was a lot smaller place. Revert to a gold
standard and reset the debt to gold? I don’t know what the answer is,
but I do know our time is running out.

This is a must listen interview with Catherine Austin-Fitts. She
explains the above in greater detail and paints the picture all the way
to the edge.

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