Why This Market Needs To Crash (And Likely Will)

Authored by Chris Martenson via PeakProsperity.com, Like an old vinyl record with a well-worn groove, the needle skipping merrily back to the same track over and over again, we repeat: Today's markets are dangerously overpriced. Being market fundamentalists who don’t believe it’s possible to simply print prosperity out of thin air, we’ve been deeply skeptical […]

Self-Driving Uber With Passenger Involved In Arizona Collision

In the latest setback for the world’s most valuable private company which in recent weeks has been reeling from multiple crises, on Friday a self-driving Uber vehicle was involved in a crash in Tempe Arizona, which left the Volvo SUV stranded on its side.  According to ABC15, a car failed to yield to the autonomous […]

McCain: "The New World Order Is Under Enormous Strain"

It was a bumper day for John McCain when on Friday Donald Trump’s Republican nemesis gloated as Trump’s “art of the deal” collapsed in the last minute, after the President and Ryan-led effort to repeal Obamacare suffered what appears to be a terminal setback. In the wake of Trump’s misfortune, McCain renewed his calls on […]

Bill Maher Shuts Down Conspiracy Theorist Louise Mensch And MSNBC’s Chris Hayes Over Islam – Twice

Friday’s episode of Bill Maher featured a panel including batshit crazy Russophobic Conspiracy Theorist Louise Mensch, Hillary Clinton shill Chris Hayes, “tyranny expert” Timothy Snyder, and American Conservative Union chairman Matt Schlapp. In two particularly heated moments, one during the main show and one during the online Overtime segment, Maher shut down Mensch and Hayes on the topic of Islam. During the main panel discussion, […]

Watch These Geopolitical Flashpoints Carefully

Authored by Brandon Smith via Alt-Market.com, Anyone who has been involved in alternative geopolitical and economic analysis for a decent length of time understands that the establishment power structure thrives according to its ability to either exploit natural crises, or to engineer fabricated crises. This is not that hard to comprehend, but for some reason […]

“Our Western Values” No Longer Exist

“Our Western Values” No Longer Exist Paul Craig Roberts Let’s be honest. The US attack on Mosul, Iraq, is not an attack on ISIS. It it a repeat of Israel’s operation Cast Lead in Gaza. The purpose is to kill as many Muslims for Israel as possible. Here is the evidence: http://news.antiwar.com/2017/03/23/reports-us-airstrikes-killed-230-civilians-in-mosul-overnight/ http://news.antiwar.com/2017/03/23/child-victims-of-mosul-overwhelm-emergency-hospital/ http://news.antiwar.com/2017/03/23/un-warns-worst-is-yet-to-come-with-400000-civilians-trapped-in-western-mosul/ Remember, […]