Top Performing Unit Trusts

Here are the top performing unit trusts for 12-11-2015 to 02-09-2016.US they are referred to mutual funds.

Old Mutual Gold R   108.43%
Old Mutual Gold A   107.45%
Investec Value I        76.88%
Investec Value R       76.78%
Investec Value B       75.88%
Investec Value A       75.87%
Argon BCI Worldwide Flexible A   49.85%
Personal Trust Income ABIL Retention   45.76%
Coronation Resources     35.52%
Investec Commodity R    34.38%
Investec Commodity B    34.10%
Investec Commodity A    34.10%
Element Balanced ABIL Retention   32.05%
MI-PLAN IP Enh Income ABIL Retention   30.30%
Element Specialist lncome ABIL Retention   28.93%
Flagship IP Flexible Value A1   27.33%
Old Mutual Mining & Res A    27.13%
Element Flexible ABIL Retention   26.51%
Momentum Resources A   24.40%
Old Mutual Mining & Res R   23.31%
Long Beach Flexible Prescient A1   21.04%
Nedgroup Inv Mining & Res A   20.84%
Nedgroup Inv Mining & Res R   20.60%

I believe that the two best Unit Trusts ( Mutual Funds ) in South Africa for the long term and have Value Investing principles are

Allan Gray Equity Fund and Investec Value Fund.

Allan Gray Equity Fund from 23-03-2001 to 23-06-2017, Annualised Gain of 17.13%

For more information on Allan Gray Equity Fund.

Invested Value Fund from 23-03-2001 to 23-06-2017, Annualised Gain of 17.61%

For information on Investec Value Fund.