Adam Taggart On Financial Repression – Negative Interest Rates And Capital Controls

The All-Out War On Savers (aka Financial Repression) “As we’ve written about often here at, those running today’s economy are doing their utmost to keep prudent savers like you from keeping their cash safely on the sidelines. They desperately want your savings pushed out into the economy so that their over-leveraged casino can continue […]

David Rosenberg: Biggest Influence On Financial Markets Will Be Demographics

“‘Nothing is more important than this if you are looking at what will fundamentally influence the financial markets for the next decade-plus’… is demographics.” LINK HERE to the article Disclaimer: The views or opinions expressed in this blog post may or may not be representative of the views or opinions of the Financial Repression Authority. […]

Book Bits | 22 July 2017

● Rethinking the Economics of Land and Housing By Josh Ryan-Collins, et al. Summary via publisher (Zed Books) Why are house prices in many advanced economies rising faster than incomes? Why isn’t land and location taught or seen as important in modern economics? What is the relationship between the financial system and land? In this […]

When We Can No Longer Tell the Truth…

Lies, half-truths and cover-ups are all manifestations of fatal weakness. When we can no longer tell the truth because the truth will bring the whole rotten, fragile status quo down in a heap of broken promises and lies, we’ve reached the perfection of dysfunction.×250.js You know the one essential guideline to “leadership” in a doomed […]

Would You Like To Steal 128 Million Dollars?

What would you do with 128 million dollars?  Many people like to daydream about winning the lottery, and I have to admit that when I was much younger I would do the same thing.  If you were suddenly financially set for life, you could quit your job, buy your dream home, travel the world and […]

On The Road Again…

The Capital Spectator is traveling for the rest of the week. The usual routine may resume with Saturday’s Book Bits, definitely on Monday with the weekly wrap on the major asset classes. Meantime, stay cool. Source: The Capital Spectator

If America Does Not Turn Back To God, There Isn’t Going To Be An America

I know that politicians aren’t supposed to talk like this, but I don’t care. I am not a politician and I never will be. And I am not running for Congress because I want a career in politics. We have enough career politicians right now, and so we definitely don’t need another one. So I […]

Australia Exports Record Amount Of Gold To China

Are the Chinese getting close to announcing a new gold-backed currency? Well, if the record amount of Australian gold exports into China is an indicator, it may be close at hand. While the Chinese have been importing a lot of gold from Australia, it reached a new record high in 2017. According to the recently […]

The Death Spiral of Financialization

Each new policy destroys another level of prudent fiscal/financial discipline.×250.js The primary driver of our economy–financialization–is in a death spiral. Financialization substitutes expansion of interest, leverage and speculation for real-world expansion of goods, services and wages. Financial “wealth” created by leveraging more debt on a base of real-world collateral that doesn’t actually produce more goods and […]

Watch Out Below For Coca-Cola (KO)

Watch Out Below For Coca-Cola Coca-Cola (KO) has been under pressure for a few years.   KO is up roughly 33% since 2012. The S&P 500 is up roughly 88% over the same time frame. They have sought to streamline their business and have divested a lot of assets. But the clouds are still dark […]

Washington D.C. Is Essentially Just A Gigantic Money Machine

If you have ever wondered why our leaders in Washington D.C. seem to act so strangely, the truth is that it almost always comes down to just one thing.  It has been said that “money makes the world go round”, and that is definitely true in Washington.  This year the federal government will spend more […]

Macquarie: Central Bank Financial Repression Is Creating “Slaves”

Article: “While central bank interest rate policy has been a relatively muted factor in stock market performance recently – successive rate hikes and hawkish Fed inclinations have mostly been warmly greeted by stock market advances – this pattern is about to change, predicts a July 18 Macquarie research report .. Central bank quantitative interest rate […]

The Exchange Stabilization Fund and The Gold Reserve Act

Chris Powell, Secretary/Treasurer of, and James Turk, Director of The GoldMoney Foundation and Founder of GoldMoney discuss the Exchange Stabilization Fund in this video. This fund was established in 1934 as a provision in the Gold Reserve Act. It only answers to the Treasury Secretary and the President. – Source Source: James Turk

The Smell of Dry Paint in the Morning

Irish Playwright Oscar Wilde defied Aristotle’s memorable mimesis: Art imitates Life. In his 1889 essay The Decay of Lying, Wilde opined that, “Life imitates Art far more than Art imitates Life.” Jackson Pollock, the American painter, aesthetically rejected both philosophies as facile. We are left to ponder the genius of his work, which in hindsight, […]

US Business Cycle Risk Report | 19 July 2017

The recent run of soft economic data inspires some pundits to claim that a new recession is brewing. They could be right, but they could just as easily be wrong. Although some numbers published to date have been weaker than expected, a broad profile of economic activity still reflects low recession risk. Near-term projections tell […]

National Debt Too High, Silver Price Too Low

Silver currently sells around $16, which would be sensible if the U.S. national debt was much less than its current $20 trillion. Given the massive national debt and 100 years of experience, silver prices could easily be double or triple their current prices, and far higher in a panic. WHY? Examine over a century of […]

Does the National Debt Matter for Silver Prices? [Explained w/ Charts]

Silver currently sells around $16, which would be sensible if the U.S. national debt was much less than its current $20 trillion. Given the massive national debt and 100 years of experience, silver prices could easily be double or triple their current prices, and far higher in a panic. WHY? Examine over a century of […]

The Over-Quantification of Life

The idea that all endeavors can be distilled down to statistics has put us in the Over-Quantification Box.×250.js Correspondent Chad D. recently submitted a thought-provoking commentary on the Over-Quantification of Life: “I think you could constructively explore the over-QUANTIFICATION of the US. Or we could call it the Wal-Martization of the US. The only […]

Every RINO Needs To Go

It looks like the effort to repeal Obamacare is completely dead, and that says a lot about the current state of the Republican Party.  For decades, RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) have been using labels such as “Republican”, “conservative”, “pro-gun” and “pro-life” to get elected, but then once they get into office they govern like […]