Voting at the NYC French Consulate

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The French Connection Election:

This Saturday afternoon, I walked to the French Consulate on Fifth Ave & 75th Street so as to exercise my French voting rights. I was intent on taking a few pictures to mark and record the decidedly important occasion.  I asked the attractive female friend accompanying me to snap the images, as I surmised that it might be a dicey proposition to take photos inside the consulate during the voting procedures, but thought perhaps a pretty girl might have an easier time getting away with it…..

As I feared, once she started clicking away, a senior member of the Consule General de France instantly made a beeline toward us and then proceeded to tell us, in no uncertain terms, to immediately cease and desist.  Moreover, he sternly asked us to promptly delete the images off the cell phone.  Of course, I took the phone from my true love and pretended to diligently delete them. Little did they know, I was an astute undercover reporter for a highly recognized online publication. (For your viewing pleasure, the adjacent images are what we got away with.)



Curious Crazed Consulate Caper: 

This get’s more interesting.  To put us all in the appropriate frame of mind, the consulate staff had posted large color posters of all the candidates on the walls of a circular stairwell leading to the large ballroom (turned voting hall) on the floor above.  Out of the 11 candidates presenting themselves for the French Presidency, take a wild guess who was missing?  Yep, that’s right, you guessed it, Marine Le Pen was nowhere to be found!

As soon as I noticed the astounding gaffe, I forthwith asked those around me WTF is this?  No one seemed to know or have noticed, but they too were rather miffed.  Further to my astonishment, upon alerting a few volunteers officiating in the proceedings, these dim wits claimed they hadn’t noticed it and didn’t seem to care in the slightest, much less bother addressing the considerable clandestine cockup.

To attempt to rectify the totally FUBAR situation,  I went looking for my new pal at The Consule Generale de France so as to directly question him about the grave omission, but conveniently he had disappeared from sight.  I tried to track him down, but at that point, some other person of authority suggested to me that I best move along so as not to disrupt the steady flow of voter traffic.  Shortly afterward, I was asked to promptly get moving and swiftly escorted out of the building under the watchful eye of the attending security guards.



Sure smells like Globalism to me……………………Guess who I voted for?





Source: ZeroHedge