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Melt-Up Continues While Metals Warn of Risks

What a week for Metals and the markets, folks. The Transportation Index is up nearly 4% for the week.  The Dow Jones Industrial Average is up over 3% for the week.  Silver is up over 14% and reached a peak near $30 (over 23%).  Gold is up over 2.5% and trading above $2025 right now… Read More

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More on Gold and Silver – The Realities of $5,000 Gold

Adam Feather interviews Chris Vermeulen, on ‘Finance in Five’ where they explore what the rest of the economy will look like with $5,000 gold and the importance of owning some bullion (and not just precious metal ETFs). They also explore how to protect yourself in a market crash/correction, the fate of the US$, and China’s… Read More

Weekly Commentary: Global Lender of Last Resort

Understandably, attention remains focused on the dominant U.S. tech stocks, record highs in Nasdaq, sector rotation opportunities, and the Robinhood phenomenon. It’s a mania, after all. There are as well stimulus negotiations and the administration’s determination to pound away at China – non-bullish developments too easily disregarded. Crisis memories and concerns, meanwhile, fade with astonishing… Read More

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My name is David da Silva and I live in the city of Durban, South Africa. I have been investing and trading in the JSE Stock Exchange, the South African Stock Market for over 15 years.
We analysis, the ever changing economic environment to guide us onto which assets we should be currently invested.
I am here to share my experiences, investing ideas, thoughts and educate people on how to apply Value Investing to under valued assets with Austrian Economic principles to investing