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We want to Educate people on the basics of Value Investing using Austrian Economic principles
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Trader Warns "Markets Are On The Move, Beware Of Ignoring Why"

“Markets are never wrong, but they are often misunderstood, or the prevailing flows are given credit they were never intended to convey, and sometimes investors execute trades just because they have to,” warns former fund manager and FX trader Richard Breslow as he looks at the US and Chinese market reactions to the latest round… Read More

This Time Is Different… Because There's Free Tequila!

Authored by Simon Black via SovereignMan.com, We poke a lot of fun at the MANY absurdities we see in this current bubble. As we’ve discussed countless times over the past few years, there are consequences from the fact that central bankers have conjured trillions of dollars out of thin air and pushed down interest rates… Read More

FBI Will Not Launch Criminal Probe Into Kavanaugh Allegations

Following repeated demands from numerous parties for an official federal probe into the sexual assault allegations leveled against President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh, Fox News reports that the FBI will not launch a criminal investigation according to highly-placed law enforcement sources. The sources told Fox News that there were no allegations of… Read More

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My name is David da Silva and I live in the city of Durban, South Africa. I have been investing and trading in the JSE Stock Exchange, the South African Stock Market for over 15 years.
We analysis, the ever changing economic environment to guide us onto which assets we should be currently invested.
I am here to share my experiences, investing ideas, thoughts and educate people on how to apply Value Investing to under valued assets with Austrian Economic principles to investing