🔴 Donald Trump’s Huge Reversal

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Peter Schiff and Joe Rogan talk about Barack Obama and Donald Trump’s economy, jobs numbers, and stock market levels.

When Trump was a candidate for President he rightly called out Obama for the phony nature of the so-called recover. He repeatedly mentioned that the only thing that looked good was the stock market, but that it was merely a bubble that would eventually pop. He frequently pointed out that government statistics on unemployment were fake, calling it the biggest hoax in history. As president Trump has now embraced the stock market, constantly taking credit for its rise, and holding it out as validation of his presidency, and now claims credit for the lowest unemployment rate in 16 years! The current stock market and unemployment situation is merely a continuation of what was experienced under Obama. Yet to get elected Trump claimed we had the worst economy every under Obama, but now that he is president he describes a nearly identical economy as booming.

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