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10 Year Government Bond Yields


Country Yield
Switzerland -0.52
Japan -0.08
Germany -0.08
Netherlands 0.027
Denmark 0.052
Finland 0.057
Austria 0.107
Sweden 0.119
Belgium 0.128
France 0.144
Czech Republic 0.310
Ireland 0.421
Latvia 0.549
Lithuania 0.550
United Kingdom 0.569
Taiwan 0.645
Slovenia 0.744
Spain 0.942
Hong Kong 0.955
Canada 1.025
Norway 1.026
Italy 1.113
South Korea 1.422
United States 1.553
Israel 1.667
Singapore 1.773
Australia 1.909
Thailand 2.110
New Zealand 2.275
Bulgaria 2.400
Poland 2.681
China 2.748
Romania 2.890
Hungary 2.910
Qatar 2.930
Portugal 3.060
Argentina 3.310
Philippines 3.339
Malaysia 3.542
Croatia 3.640
Chile 4.250
Botswana 4.750
Mexico 5.840
Iceland 6.003
Vietnam 6.866
Indonesia 7.009
India 7.161
Colombia 7.350
Pakistan 8.026
Greece 8.112
Russia 8.320
South Africa 8.495
Turkey 9.650
Brazil 11.82
Kenya 14.50
Uganda 16.80
Egypt 17.50

Russia has a surplus and yet they are seventh from the bottom in the list, giving 8.32% yield. Greece is bankrupt and it’s yield is lower  than Russia. Again the market does not make any sense. All of the developed World is in debt and yet their yields are negative or at below 1% yield. The real rate of return is negative, meaning if you count for the real inflation rate on most counties, even the countries with a positive yield, the investor’s real rate is negative return from their investment. The US has almost 20 trillion dollar debit and still growing their debt every year, their yield is at 1.55%. The world knows that the US will never be able to reduce it’s debt and has to default or maybe pay it’s debt by devaluing the dollar. Europe is currently printing 80 Billion Euros a month and buying European bonds and started buy corporate bonds. Japan, all their bonds are all owned by their central bank, yet is the most indebted country in the World and their yields are at a negative rate.
The developed market central banks manipulating the yields lower will have to come to an end. The financial system has to be reset to represent the true market. I’m South African and why must my country pay up to borrow money from international investors a interest of 8.50% interest, while most other countries are totally bankrupt and pay less.

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