100-fold Gain Possibilities via Warrants in Blank Check Companies with| Dudley Baker

Dudley Baker focuses on mining stock warrant speculation for the extreme leverage and has experienced some very impressive returns in his portfolio.  For example, in 2017 Dudley sold his warrants of Northern Dynasty for well over $3.00 when he had purchased them for only 16.5 cents only seven months earlier.  Dudley says he looks for up to five times the performance out of the mining stock warrants versus the underlying stock.  In this interview Dudley discusses where he is finding the best opportunities via warrant speculation.  Dudley shares one recent example of a warrant that could have provided speculators with close to a 100-fold gain.

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0:00 Introduction

2:00 Warrants in Blank Check Companies

8:04 Due diligence process for blank check companies?

10:58 Stink bids for warrant purchases

14:50 Orezone Gold Corp. warrants

16:45 As gold upcycle continues will there be more tradable warrants?

19:50 Equinox Gold warrants

22:29 Info regarding Dudley’s service


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