Peter Schiff was Right (2006-2007 Edition)

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This video, originally posted in 2008 by an unknown individual, was viewed over 2 million times before being removed from YouTube in late 2013. I decided to post a copy so that those searching for the original video will at least be able to view this copy. However, I doubt it will receive the 2… Read More

Rob Kirby-When China Doesn’t Get Their Gold-That’s When This Ends

Posted on Rob Kirby of claims the U.S. “arbitrarily set the price of all strategic goods in the market.” As an example of control, Kirby explains, “We have 10-year U.S. bond rates under 3%, and I would say the United States is actually insolvent, and we have countries like Greece where 10-year bonds are yielding… Read More

Unbelievable Liberal Reaction to my Walmart Video

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The reaction from the left to my recent Walmart video does more to expose liberal intolerance and hypocrisy than my video itself. It’s actually so bad that no explanation can come close to doing it justice. In this video I claim that I never received hate mail before. I should have said that I never… Read More

Will Walmart shoppers support “Every Day High Wages?”

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Walmart touts “Everyday Low Prices,” but we asked its customers to support ‘Everyday High Wages” instead. We posed as representatives of “15 for 15,” a make-believe organization advocating that Walmart raise prices by 15% and use the extra cash to pay its low-skilled workers $15 per hour. The surcharge would be added to customer’s bills… Read More

Jim Sinclair: Gold Will be $50,000 per Ounce, Gold Confiscation, Dollar Gets Hammered and More

Posted on – According to Jim Sinclair of, by 2016, “Gold will be $3,200 to $3,500 an ounce.” By 2020, Sinclair predicts, “Emancipated gold will be $50,000 per ounce.” As far as gold confiscation goes, Sinclair says that Its not going to happen, but a windfall tax could definitely be in the cards. Join Greg… Read More

Peter Schiff Was Right – ‘Taper’ Edition

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When Ben Bernanke announced that the Federal Reserve’s Open Market Committee was going to continue its monetary expansion program it calls Quantitative Easing, almost everyone in the financial media was taken by complete surprise. According to the mainstream media, the non-taper “surprised almost everyone out there.” Well it did not surprise me, nor anyone who… Read More

Mike Maloney: $2,000 or $5,000 Gold is Absurdly Low – Gold Price Will Double the Dow

Posted on – Mike Maloney of says our monetary system is doomed. Maloney contends, “It’s a 100% failure rate. No fiat currency has ever survived, now all of them are fiat. So, this shift will be the most dramatic in world monetary history. It’s going to be the world’s greatest wealth transfer in history. Therefore,… Read More

Dr. Jim Willie: Out of Control Chaos Coming with Shortages of Gold, Silver, Food, Gasoline and More

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hqdefault 37 – Publisher of “The Hat Trick Letter,” Dr. Jim Willie, predicts, “In the United States, we are going to have shortages across the board, and that includes gold and silver. Just think food and gasoline. That’s when the riots are going to start. You are going to see out of control chaos and the… Read More

Detroit Destroyed by Democracy

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Gerald Celente on WW 3 – Middle East Out of Control

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hqdefault 130 – Gerald Celente, Publisher of the Trends Journal, charges, “This is a proxy war against Iran because when Syria is choked, off then Iran is left alone surrounded by enemies. So, that’s what we’re really looking at–the end game is Iran.” What would happen if Iran and Israel went to war? Would the Strait… Read More

Bernanke Almost Comes Clean On “Exit” Strategy

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