Bank stock prices are a primary indicator of how the economy is performing. Before the 2008 crisis, bank share prices started to decrease. An indication of an improving economy, is an increase in these bank share prices. More credit given out to companies and individuals, resulting in credit growth, which in turn indicates economic growth. […]


ABSA NewGold ETF is one of the largest privately held fund in gold in the world. NewGold was listed on the ETF sector of the JSE Stock Exchange in 2004. Today, the fund is the largest ETF in South Africa. Since its listing, it has performed well as an investment, and out performed the South […]

Baltic Dry Index

The global economic activity has been falling since the end of 2010. The chart below, called the Baltic Dry Index, measures shipping activity around the world. Due to company and personal debt being too high, global trading is on the decrease, thus affecting the GDP growth. Capital (money) and not debt creates growth. Daily essentials […]

10 Year Government Bond Yields

Country Yield Switzerland -0.52 Japan -0.08 Germany -0.08 Netherlands 0.027 Denmark 0.052 Finland 0.057 Austria 0.107 Sweden 0.119 Belgium 0.128 France 0.144 Czech Republic 0.310 Ireland 0.421 Latvia 0.549 Lithuania 0.550 United Kingdom 0.569 Taiwan 0.645 Slovenia 0.744 Spain 0.942 Hong Kong 0.955 Canada 1.025 Norway 1.026 Italy 1.113 South Korea 1.422 United States 1.553 […]