The Coming Carmageddon

This post The Coming Carmageddon appeared first on Daily Reckoning. Ben Bernanke’s successors at the Fed and other global central banks still don’t get it. Falsified debt prices do not promote macroeconomic stability. They lead to reckless credit expansion cycles that eventually collapse due to borrower defaults. We’re now seeing that play out in the […]

Cobalt Hits $60,000 – USCO to $1+ Next Week!

Cobalt today is exploding once again and just hit a new 9 1/2 year high of $60,000 per tonne! Look for shares of US Cobalt (TSXV: USCO) to explode north of $1 per share next week. If you don’t have access to the TSX Venture exchange, US Cobalt also trades on the U.S. OTC QB […]

The World Is Now $217,000,000,000,000 In Debt And The Global Elite Like It That Way

The borrower is the servant of the lender, and through the mechanism of government debt virtually the entire planet has become the servants of the global money changers.  Politicians love to borrow money, but over time government debt slowly but surely impoverishes a nation.  As the elite get governments around the globe in increasing amounts […]

Bitcoin Breakout Coming…

Since the FED created their QE game of charades, the “markets” are no longer real – none of them.  Unlimited quantities of “money” are thrown at them from all central banks around the globe.  Heck they even have Janet Yellen convinced that up is the only direction the markets will ever see again in her […]

The Housing Bubble Hangover Cure

This post The Housing Bubble Hangover Cure appeared first on Daily Reckoning. “Zach, I lost everything… My income, my savings… In fact, I almost lost my wife and kids!” I could see the pain in Brandon’s eyes as he told me the story. Brandon is a friend who goes to my church. He has two […]

38 Incredible Facts on the Modern U.S. Dollar

How much currency is printed each year? How long do bills last? Learn 38 facts on the modern U.S. dollar in this infographic. The post 38 Incredible Facts on the Modern U.S. Dollar appeared first on The Money Project. Courtesy of: The Money Project Source: Money Project

The Best Income Opportunities as Wall Street Shifts Course

This post The Best Income Opportunities as Wall Street Shifts Course appeared first on Daily Reckoning. Don’t look now, but there’s a major shift underway on Wall Street. One that is poised to grow your profits and accelerate your income over the next few months. That is, of course, if you know how to take […]

Cryptocurrency Bubble has Already Peaked

Google search interest in “Bitcoin trading” reached a new all-time high for the month of June 2017 and is now 2.14X higher than “gold trading”, 2.34X higher than “oil trading”, and 6.25X higher than “silver trading”. When search interest in “gold trading” reached a record high in August 2011, gold peaked at $1,900 per oz. When search interest in “oil trading” reached a record […]

Sprott Precious Metals Watch, June 2017 – Trey Reik

June 27, 2017 As an asset class, precious metals have become a contemporary investment enigma. Despite market-leading performances during the past seventeen years, gold and silver still command surprisingly narrow constituencies in most investing circles. In past reports, we have outlined our investment thesis for gold. To us, gold remains a mandatory portfolio asset amid […]

Central Bank Intervention Slams Paper Gold – Dave Kranzler

June 27, 2017 This isn’t some trader’s “fat finger” accidentally overloading the sell button and pressing “sell.” This is unadulterated BIS/ECB/BoE/Fed sponsored market intervention: At 4:01 EST, a paper gold nuclear bomb was detonated in the Comex Globex computer system. The graph above is just the August “front month” paper gold contract on the Comex. […]

URGENT: Big Opportunities In Pot Stocks

This post URGENT: Big Opportunities In Pot Stocks appeared first on Daily Reckoning. The past few weeks has been very exciting for pot stocks — and you have a front-row seat to the action! If you’ve been watching the price action, you’ve seen the buying frenzy that’s been taking shape in the last several sessions. […]

The Roundtable Insight: Charles Hugh Smith On Central Bank Buying Of Equities

FRA: Hi, welcome to FRA’s Roundtable Insight. Today we have Charles Hugh Smith, America’s philosopher. He’s a leading global finance blogger and author. He’s the author of nine books on our economy and society including A Radically Beneficial World: Automation, Technology and Creating Jobs for All. Resistance, Revolution, Liberation: A Model for Positive Change, and The Nearly Free […]

Gold & Gold Stocks Nearing a Big Move

  Gold and especially gold mining stocks rebounded on Wednesday and trended higher into the weekend. This is giving some investors renewed hopes that the bull market that began roughly 18 months ago is about to reassert itself. We cannot know for sure yet but what we can say is precious metals are nearing a […]

Junior miner cracks a strategic tough nut in British Columbia

The acquisition of the Toughnut Project in British Columbia would provide strategic access to the Silver King Shear Zone adjacent to the explorer’s existing properties. Prize Mining Corp. (PRZ:TSX.V), a junior miner that holds the Kena-Daylight project in southeastern British Columbia, just announced that it has signed an option agreement to acquire a 100% interest […]

Are The ‘Toxic’ Democrats Destined To Become A Permanent Minority Party?

It has become exceedingly clear that the Democratic Party is in deep trouble.  Close to 55 million dollars was spent on the race in Georgia’s sixth congressional district, and that shattered all kinds of records.  Democrat Jon Ossoff was able to raise and spend six times as much money as Karen Handel and yet he […]