An “Earnings Driven” Meme

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Earnings Driven Meme

“A meme (/ˈmiːm/ MEEM) is an idea, behavior, or style that spreads from person to person within a culture – often with the aim of conveying a particular phenomenon, theme, or meaning represented by the meme. A meme acts as a unit for carrying cultural ideas, symbols, or practices, that can be transmitted from one mind to another… Read More

Own Gold Bullion To “Support National Security” – Russian Central Bank

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– We own gold bullion to “support national security” – Russian Central Bank – Russia warns Washington: Confiscating fx reserves would be “declaration of financial war” – Russia has quadrupled its gold bullion reserves in decade – BRICs discussing ‘the possibility of establishing a single (system of) gold trade’ – Russia, China & maybe Saudi Arabia form alliances… Read More

Bitcoin $10,000 – Huge Volatility of Cryptocurrencies and Risky Fiat Making Gold Attractive

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– Bitcoin tops $10,000, soaring more than 850% since beginning of 2017 – Irrational exuberance arguably main driver of price performance – Google Trends shows search for ‘Bitcoin Bubble’ hit highest level this morning – Buyers need to be aware of hacking and security risks – Other primary risks to widespread adoption is volatility and liquidity risk… Read More

Bitcoin Soars To Record High Above $8000 After Mugabe Speech

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20171119 BTC 0

With Bitcoin trading at $13,499 on Golix, the chaotic environment in Zimbabwe has spread to the global price of the cryptocurrency driving it beyond $8000 for the first time in history as President Mugabe fails to resign in a national address following the nation's coup. It appears many Zimbabweans have found an alternate way to… Read More

Former Model Accuses Senator Al Franken Of "Kissing And Groping" Her Without Consent

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The anti-sexual harassment backlash started with the Harvey Weinstein expose claimed its latest victim on Thursday when news anchor, former model and sports broadcaster Leeann Tweeden accused Minnesota’s Democratic Senator Al Franken of “kissing and groping” her without her consent in 2006. In an essay published this morning on KABC, Tweeden accused Franken of groping… Read More

Australia’s Economy is a House of Cards

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By Matt Barrie & Craig Tindale. I recently watched the federal treasurer, Scott Morrison, proudly proclaim that Australia was in “surprisingly good shape”. Indeed, Australia has just snatched the world record from the Netherlands, achieving its 104th quarter of growth without a recession, making this achievement the longest streak for any OECD country since 1970. Australian GDP growth… Read More

Gold Price Rigging Continues

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IM Gold 10 11 2017

Again gold was taken down on the futures market, but this time was done at the Comex opening. Apparently 4 million ounces of gold was traded in 10 minutes. This was reported by Bloomberg. This article explains how it was done. Previously Investing Matters has reported how the paper gold price is taken down on… Read More

The World's Biggest Bubbles

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We recently discussed (see here) Alberto Gallo’s (portfolio manager of Algebris Macro Credit Fund) shot at the $64,000 (more like trillion) question in his report “The Central Bank Bubble: How Will It Burst?”. As we said at the time, one of our favourite parts of the report was “The Money Tree” infographic which explains how… Read More

Gold Price Rigging Charts

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IM Gold Price 07 11 2017

Investing Matters has been monitoring the extreme price movements on the Gold paper price. Most of the extreme, DOWN price movements are done when London and New York Comex overlap, as illustrated on the chart below. Here are other Gold Price Charts showing the gold price take down.           I would… Read More

Why NIA Loaded Up on Bitcoin Cash

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After shorting Bitcoin on Thursday at $5,950, NIA announced on Sunday that it had covered its Bitcoin short position at $5,750 for a small profit and had taken a long position in Bitcoin Cash at $450. The CME is getting ready to launch Bitcoin futures contracts, which will make it much easier to naked short Bitcoin and slam its price down like the big banks do to gold and silver with the backing of the Federal Reserve. When this happens, NIA predicts that the Cryptocurrency community will turn… Read More