Bonds Finally Noticed What Is Going On… Stocks Are Next

It is safe to say that one of the most popular, and important, charts of 2017, was the one showing the ongoing and projected decline across central bank assets, which from a record expansion of over $2 trillion in early 2017 is expected to turn negative by mid 2019. This is shown on both a 3- and 12-month rolling basis courtesy of these recent charts […]

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The Era Of AI-Generated 'Fake Porn' Has Arrived

They call them “deepfakes.” It’s the term for pornography made using artificial intelligence-assisted technology to superimpose a person’s face on another performer’s body – essentially allowing the producer to create fake porn featuring celebrities, politicians or even average every people. In a report published Wednesday, Motherboard recounted how they discovered a user on Reddit responsible for producing convincing porn videos featuring celebrities like Gal Gadot, […]

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Matt Badiali’s Freedom Checks Exposed!

This post Matt Badiali’s Freedom Checks Exposed! appeared first on Daily Reckoning. Investment expert Matt Badiali recently released a viral video called “Freedom Checks” that has many scratching their heads, wondering what these investments are exactly. In the video, now viewed by millions of Americans, Matt says these “freedom checks” are not a government program like Social Security or Medicare, and they’re not a 401(k) […]

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As Steinhoff Liquidates, This Gulfstream Can Be Yours For Only $25 Million

The last time we checked in on Steinhoff – the scandal-plagued South African retailer laid low by an accounting scandal and which many have called the next Enron – the company admitted that  its lines of credit were being withdrawn or suspended, while the company’s largest shareholder and former Chairman, Christo Wiese, was caught in a vicious margin call, forcing him to sell increasingly more shares […]

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QIWI is Launching its own Bitcoin ATMs!

On Thursday afternoon at 3PMEST, NIA announced QIWI PLC (QIWI) at $13.98 per share as its #1 stock suggestion for 2018, while also announcing the QIWI February 2018 $15 call options at $1 as its #1 options suggestion for 2018! On Thursday following NIA’s announcement, QIWI traded 1.3 million shares in a single hour while gaining $1.24 to finish at $15.22 per share up 8.9% from NIA’s […]

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