Bomb Threats Target 25 Moscow Buildings, Force Evacuations Of Parliament, Stock Exchange

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In an incident that recalls the “almost simultaneous” bomb threats across Russia back in September that resulted in the evacuation of 45,000 people, briefly disrupting life in Russia’s largest city, a bomb threat targeting 25 buildings in Moscow prompted mandatory evacuations of Russia’s upper house of Parliament and the city’s stock exchange, according to TASS.… Read More

Mark Zuckerberg Investing Big into CDXC – Ready to Explode Next Week!

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Mark Zuckerberg through his investment fund Iconiq has just invested big into ChromaDex (CDXC) the maker of an Anti-Aging product Tru Niagen with sales beginning to explode as word about its benefits go viral! Other billionaires are also investing big into CDXC including Li Ka-shing, Hong Kong’s wealthiest person! Apparently, they are all taking Tru Niagen themselves and… Read More

The Era Of AI-Generated 'Fake Porn' Has Arrived

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They call them “deepfakes.” It’s the term for pornography made using artificial intelligence-assisted technology to superimpose a person’s face on another performer’s body – essentially allowing the producer to create fake porn featuring celebrities, politicians or even average every people. In a report published Wednesday, Motherboard recounted how they discovered a user on Reddit responsible… Read More

Crypto Update – Government Shutdown = Bitcoin UP

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crypto update government shutdown bitcoin up

The reaction to the government shutdown is quite interesting.  Of course most markets were closed at the time, but stocks, bonds, and even gold mostly yawned while they were open knowing that it was likely to occur. Then when it did occur, BTC rose sharply, climbing more than $1,000 per coin.  Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ripple,… Read More

Trading Alert – BTC Bullish Break Higher!

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trading alert btc bullish break higher

After pointing out this morning a potentially bearish pattern, a bullish one manifested itself later.  Instead of breaking lower, Bitcoin prices hung out all day between $11,000 and $12,000.  Just now a break above the top of a bullish pennant occurred on heavier volume.  Here’s a 15 minute chart showing the break: The target for… Read More

Cryptos Out of the Woods? Dollar Dying?

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cryptos out of the woods dollar dying

Yesterday’s selloff ended at BTC $9,000.  This was an interesting place for it to end as there really was no support in that zone.  So what happened?  I think it’s very interesting that the bottom seemed to coincide with Binance’s reopening to new accounts – but it also coincided with yesterday’s expiration of the first… Read More

Crypto Update – Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt! FUD…

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crypto update fear uncertainty and doubt fud

Just a quick update to let folks know what I see.  Obviously the large triangle we’ve all been tracking has broken to the downside.  That’s pretty bearish, and there are formations that tell me Bitcoin price, and most of the space follows, is heading into the sub $10,000 range. For those whose philosophy is to… Read More

Bitcoin and the Cryptocurrency Revolution – The Most Important Change of Your Lifetime, and Why it Will Spark Humanity’s Next Renaissance!

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bitcoin and the cryptocurrency revolution the most important change of your lifetime and why it will spark humanitys next renaissance

*Note: For better viewing, please download a .pdf version of this article by clicking on this link: Bitcoin and the Cryptocurrency Revolutionpdf For the sake of brevity, I will not go into basic Crypto terminology or how blockchain and trusted ledgers work.  Please google it, or use the Glossary link below if you don’t know the… Read More

Matt Badiali’s Freedom Checks Exposed!

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This post Matt Badiali’s Freedom Checks Exposed! appeared first on Daily Reckoning. Investment expert Matt Badiali recently released a viral video called “Freedom Checks” that has many scratching their heads, wondering what these investments are exactly. In the video, now viewed by millions of Americans, Matt says these “freedom checks” are not a government program… Read More

Weekend Crypto Update – Bitcoin $13,800 195 Times and Counting!

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weekend crypto update bitcoin 13800 195 times and counting

 Bitcoin and most Cryptocurrencies continued with their sideways consolidation over the weekend.  I’ve been noting how many times $13,800 has been crossed in this Triangle, that count is now up to 195 times, and it looks to go still higher since we’re currently underneath: Sideways patterns eat time and frustrate people who are looking for… Read More