coolest symmetrical wave chart

Coolest Symmetrical Wave Chart!

Since my last update, prices moved down to perfectly strike my target of $13,800.  That could be it for wave 2, we’ll know for sure by morning. Yes, there is an ugly Head & Shoulders potentially in play if the neckline breaks, I’ll show that tomorrow.  What I want to show for this post is […]

crypto update bitcoin bulls its a matter of degree

Crypto Update – Bitcoin Bulls, It’s a Matter of Degree!

Yesterday I said, “Time to buy Bitcoin with Both Fists!” Well, today I’m saying that’s still true, but I think my call was about a day and a half early!  When counting waves, sometimes it’s difficult to know what degree the waves are.  This is because each and every wave is itself comprised of smaller […]

wave mapping says time to buy bitcoin with both fists

Wave Mapping Says Time to Buy Bitcoin with Both Fists!

Wave Mapping Says Time to Buy Bitcoin with Both Fists! Over the weekend Bitcoin wave 2 down struck in full force.  It followed the wave mapping I presented earlier almost perfectly.  Time wise it was faster than expected, but it did retrace a perfect Fibonacci 61.8% of wave 1 up.  Here’s my big picture chart: […]

Gregory Mannarino – Deficits and Debt Will Explode Higher

Analyst/trader Gregory Mannarino says, “The deficits and debt are going to explode higher. World central banks are going to inflate. They are going to kill their currencies. This is why you have been seeing the rise in crypto currencies. Everywhere you want to look, the arrows are pointing towards inflation. Be your own central bank, […]

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As Steinhoff Liquidates, This Gulfstream Can Be Yours For Only $25 Million

The last time we checked in on Steinhoff – the scandal-plagued South African retailer laid low by an accounting scandal and which many have called the next Enron – the company admitted that  its lines of credit were being withdrawn or suspended, while the company’s largest shareholder and former Chairman, Christo Wiese, was caught in a […]

gld size gold price 52 wk 5 jan 18 0

Gold Prices Set 16-Week Closing High vs. Jobs-Data Hit Dollar, GLD Shrinks

GOLD PRICES rose back above $1320 per ounce versus the falling Dollar in London’s wholesale trade on Friday, heading for the highest weekly close in 16 after new data said the United States added far fewer jobs than analysts expected last month.   The official non-farm payrolls estimate also put average annual wage growth in […]

🔴 Ep. 314: Those Expecting Low Inflation Are in for a Surprise

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QIWI is Launching its own Bitcoin ATMs!

On Thursday afternoon at 3PMEST, NIA announced QIWI PLC (QIWI) at $13.98 per share as its #1 stock suggestion for 2018, while also announcing the QIWI February 2018 $15 call options at $1 as its #1 options suggestion for 2018! On Thursday following NIA’s announcement, QIWI traded 1.3 million shares in a single hour while gaining $1.24 […]