Housing History And Why The Yield Curve Got So Flat

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The global economy was in very rough shape in 1980. Caught in the spiral of the Great Inflation, there was practically nowhere to hide from ripping upheaval – beyond just the economic problems. Despite trying seemingly everything for an entire decade, nothing Economists came up with would rebalance the system. They kept saying they only… Read More

What Caused the Financial Crisis?

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Photo Credit: Alane Golden || Sad but true — the crisis was all about bad monetary policy, a housing bubble, and poor bank risk management====================== There are a lot of opinions being trotted around ten years after the financial crisis.  A lot of them are self-serving, to deflect blame from areas that they want to… Read More

Poland Is Deathly Afraid Of Contracting The EU's "Social Diseases"

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Authored by Andrew Korybko via Oriental Review, Polish “gray cardinal” Jaroslaw Kaczynski warned how his country could be infected by the EU’s “social diseases”. The influential politician was speaking at his party’s convention over the weekend when he reaffirmed Poland’s commitment to remaining in the EU, though with the important caveat that this “doesn’t mean we should… Read More

Gundlach Live Webcast: "Miracle Grow"

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Several months after his last live address to investors in his fund, Double Line CEO Jeffrey Gundlach is holding his latest periodic live webcast with investors, titled “Miracle Grow.” Readers can listen to the webcast live by clicking on the slide below or the click on this link (registration required). We will publish the accompanying… Read More