Why Stocks Are Soaring: A Massive, $64 Billion Buy Order

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Last Friday, when stocks were tumbling, we reported “some good news for the bulls” which was lost in the overall chaos over the latest mutual fund liquidation discussed earlier. And no, we did not anticipate that President Trump would activate the Plunge Protection Team over the weekend: the good news in question was that as… Read More

Navigate the Maze to Latin America’s Resources

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Latin America is home to less than 10 percent of humanity, but it has 20 percent of the planet’s oil reserves, over half of its lithium deposits, its largest copper mines, and 20 percent of its gold production. Unfortunately, notes James McKeigue, managing editor of LatAm Investor, several political and cultural barriers render these resources… Read More

🔴Jeff Gundlach uses Peter Schiff Analogy on CNBC

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Bond King Jeffrey Gundlach on CNBC using classic Peter Schiff analogy used recently on the Joe Rogan Podcast SIGN UP FOR MY FREE NEWSLETTER http://www.europac.net/subscribe_free_reports Schiff Gold News: http://www.SchiffGold.com/news Open your Goldmoney account today: https://www.Goldmoney.com/ Buy my newest book at http://www.tinyurl.com/RealCrash Like and follow Peter Schiff on Facebook http://www.Facebook.com/PeterSchiff Follow me on Twitter: http://www.Twitter.com/PeterSchiff

The Dogma Test for Predictions

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Is there any event or fact that would lead you to change your worldview? This is the essence of the dogma test, a tool investors can use to avoid being sucked into manias and bubbles. E.B. Tucker, a senior analyst with Casey Research and independent director of Metalla Royalty, uses it often to survey investment… Read More

See Beyond the Obvious with Economics

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The world is full of people behaving in ways that don’t make sense at first glance. Economics is a tool to help you understand seemingly inexplicable actions. Steven Landsburg, a University of Rochester economics professor, has written several books that introduce the economic way of thinking to a lay audience. The rationale, he writes, can… Read More

"Like Walking On Eggshells" – Women Say #MeToo Is Hurting Their Prospects For A Wall Street Career

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Considering Wall Street’s reputation as a bastion of sexism and conservative values, the big banks and their peers on the buy side have largely avoided the embarrassing sexual misconduct scandals that have plagued other industries (like Hollywood, where seemingly every man – serial rapists and controlling boyfriends alike – who has ever mistreated a woman… Read More

The Key to Venture-Capital Success

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Venture capital is one of the most competitive fund-raising paths for businesses nowadays, full of deceptive and bad actors. How can young entrepreneurs get a foot in the door? The key is having a powerful story to convince investors, says Alejandro Cremades. A serial entrepreneur, book author, and Forbes contributor, he founded Panthera Advisors, a… Read More