This Powerful New Uranium Production Technology Could Rock the Sector like Fracking Did for Oil

Driven by huge increases in connectivity and computing power, technology is advancing at an exponential rate. This means that not only is conventional change is occurring… but the rate at which it is occurring is also speeding up. Depending on where you stand, this is either thrilling and lucrative… or confusing and harmful. For example, think about the ride-sharing service Uber. Uber caused a massive change […]

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"We Fear For Our Lives": First 50 White South African Families Start Resettlement In Russia

Just weeks after we reported that white South African farmers, facing racial genocide, had begun seeking refuge – from the violent attacks and death threats of their own government’s policies – in friendly foreign nations such as Australia, RT reports  the first 50 families of Boers, descendants of Dutch settlers in South Africa, could soon be moving to Russia to escape rising violence against farmers. […]

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AngloGold Says There's No Escaping Demise of South African Gold

(Bloomberg) — South Africa’s gold industry, once the world’s largest, faces an inevitable decline, according to the chairman of the country’s biggest producer of the metal by market value. Output will continue to shrink as miners chase ever-deeper ore bodies while struggling to keep costs down, said AngloGold Ashanti Ltd. Chairman Sipho Pityana. That means the Johannesburg-based company has decisions to make about its future in […]

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Experts Warn Of Chaos For The U.S. Economy As China Declares That “The Biggest Trade War In Economic History” Has Begun

Facebook Twitter Reddit Email Nothing is going to be the same after this.  On Friday, the United States hit China with 34 billion dollars in tariffs, and China immediately responded with similar tariffs.  If it stopped there, this trade war between the United States and China would not be catastrophic for the global economy.  But it isn’t going to stop there.  Donald Trump is already […]

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Here is the reason why the Democrats are going absolutely nuts over abortion in light of an upcoming new Supreme Court Justice

With so many problems and issues plaguing America here in 2018, one has to ask a rather curious question following the announcement by Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy of his pending retirement… why are so many Democrats going absolutely nuts over the fear that the next Justice could overturn the right for women to have an abortion? The answer to this lies in the fact […]

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The Truth Behind Viral Photo Of "Immigrant Child" Crying Inside A 'Cage'

We learnt a new word today (courtesy of Jim Quinn’s Burning Platform blog), and it describes perfectly the current state of the ‘weaponized’ liberal media – Calumny: the making of false and defamatory statements in order to damage someone’s reputation. And that is what we are seeing. A photo of a little boy crying in a cage is being shared on social media as seemingly […]

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Harvard Professor Warns That The Current Ebola Outbreak In Africa Could Spread To The United States

Facebook Twitter Reddit Email Could it be possible that we are on the verge of a major Ebola pandemic?  In 2014, the worst Ebola outbreak in history resulted in 28,637 cases and more than 11,000 deaths.  But we were very fortunate.  Even though the virus started to spread across national lines, health authorities were able to quickly identify new cases and isolate those that were […]

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Trump-Xi Agree "Tentative" Deal On ZTE Including $1.3 Billion Fine, Fox News Reports

Just hours after North Korea came creeping back to the negotiating table with President Trump – following his cancellation of the Kim Summit talks, comments that he suspected China was behind Kim’s change of heart, and chatter that Trump “would take a much harder line on China” –  Fox News reports that a “tentative” deal has been reached with China’s President Xi over the giant […]

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If You Missed Out on Last Year’s Huge Crypto Gains… Read This

Justin’s note: Over the past few months, Doug Casey has been searching high and low for a bona fide crypto advisor worthy of Casey Research subscribers… and he just found him. His name is Marco Wutzer, one of the true pioneers of cryptocurrency… and Casey Research’s newest guru. Marco has been involved with digital currencies since he invested in e-gold in the late ’90s—long before […]

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Billionaire and former NYC Mayor more than willing to tax the poor into oblivion if it would achieve his agenda of a War on Sodas

It is often said that the elite have little compassion for people when they stand in the way of agendas they wish to push on the public.  And whether it is Al Gore wanting to institute carbon taxes on everyone to stop ‘Man Made Global Warming’, or the Mayor of Philadelphia destroying hundreds of jobs in the beverage industry through his absurd crusade to fight […]

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The American Police State Continues Unabated

The American Police State Continues Unabated The post The American Police State Continues Unabated appeared first on Source:

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Clapper Says "Good Thing" FBI Was Spying On Trump Campaign

Following the president’s tweet Thursday morning: Wow, word seems to be coming out that the Obama FBI “SPIED ON THE TRUMP CAMPAIGN WITH AN EMBEDDED INFORMANT.” Andrew McCarthy says, “There’s probably no doubt that they had at least one confidential informant in the campaign.” If so, this is bigger than Watergate! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) May 17, 2018 The Daily Caller’s Julia Nista […]

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The Trump-volution Explained In 4 Macro Charts

Authored by Dr. Constantin Gurdgiev via True Economics blog, The current growth cycle has been the second longest on record: Source: FactSet But it has been much shallower than the previous cycles: “real GDP growth in the current expansion lags the other three expansions – by a lot. As of the first quarter of 2018, real GDP has expanded by 21% since the beginning of […]

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Former Fed Governor says that if Bitcoin actually acted like a currency it would be a threat to the bank’s monopoly on money

In one of the perhaps most enlightening discussions on cryptocurrencies to date by two current and former Fed officials, opinions given by these central bankers provide an interesting insight into how they both see crypto use right now in the private sector, and its potential in the future as a sovereign replacement for the dollar. Kevin Warsh, governor at the Fed between 2006-2011, suggested thatcryptocurrency and blockchain […]

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Friday Evening Links

[Reuters] Wall Street flat as earnings offset inflation jitters [Bloomberg] FANG Stocks Save the Week [Bloomberg] Europe and the U.S. Teeter on the Brink of a Trade War [Bloomberg] World’s Central Banks Just Can’t Quit on Currency Intervention [Reuters] Despite warmth, Merkel and Trump still differ on trade and NATO [Reuters] Trump says ‘Iran will not be doing nuclear weapons’ Source:

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Vanadium producer Bushveld Minerals blasts off

The share price of Bushveld Minerals – the London-listed junior miner which operates the Vametco vanadium mine in South Africa – has more than doubled since mid -March and Bushveld’s March quarter report shows why. Bushveld shares have soared from 8.55p on March 12 to 20.3p currently pushing the group’s market capitalisation to £216m equivalent to some R3.7bn at current exchange rates. That means if […]

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Thursday Afternoon Links

[Reuters] Wall Street gains on strong earnings, tech resurgence [CNBC] Amazon jumps after smashing earnings [Reuters] White House adviser Kudlow says China trade talks ‘long process’ [CNBC] With debt at $21 trillion and growing, ratings agencies still give US highest marks [Reuters] Understanding Kim: Inside the U.S. effort to profile the secretive North Korean leader Source:

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