All Globex Futures Trading Is Halted, CME "Aware"

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2019 02 26 17 20 39

CME said in a statement to clients that all Globex markets have been halted at around 740ET, according to an email document seen by Bloomberg. “We are aware of this, and we are currently looking into this,” said CME spokesperson Gan Lee Meng. S&P Futures have stopped while FX markets remain active… And Bond futures… Read More

Motsepe’s AREP will not benefit from President Ramaphosa’s proposed unbundling of Eskom

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PATRICE Motsepe, chairman of African Rainbow Energy and Power (AREP), said the separation of Eskom into three separate entities would not benefit his company even though the firm has shares in the government’s renewable energy independent power producer program. The denial follows allegations by the Economic Freedom Fighters that the unbundling of Eskom benefited the… Read More

BBC Producer's Syria Bombshell: Douma "Gas Attack" Footage "Was Staged"

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Now approaching nearly a year after the April 7, 2018 alleged chemical attack in Douma, Syria — which the White House used as a pretext to bomb Syrian government facilities and bases throughout Damascus — a BBC reporter who investigated the incident on the ground has issued public statements saying the “Assad sarin attack” on Douma was indeed “staged”.  Riam… Read More

Chase Bank Abruptly Bans Proud Boys Leader 

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Chase Bank has notified Proud Boys Chairman Enrique Tarrio that they will no longer do business with him, and he has until April 1st to move his money out, according to a letter obtained by Big League Politics. Enrique Tarrio (left)  While the bank hasn’t stated why they are shutting Tarrio’s accounts, the letter comes “just… Read More

Meet Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: The Republicans Secret Weapon For 2020

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2019 02 07 19 39 25

Having been mocked by her own leadership (and much of social media) Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) – the little socialist that could – faces the final condemnation tonight as The Wall Street Journal surveyed the Bronx Congresswoman’s “Green New Deal” resolution… and was left in hysterics, with Kimberley Strassel tweeting: “By the end of the Green… Read More