The Real F-ing Boom

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I can’t believe this is necessary, a sign of the times and a perfect example/explanation of how it got this far. In case you haven’t heard, President Trump has gotten into a Twitter spat with his predecessor former President Obama. For reasons that have nothing to do with legitimate economics (small “e”), both men are… Read More

Japanese Data: Much More In Store For Number Four

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They put it off so long they backed themselves into this corner. The Japanese government under Prime Minister Shinzo Abe had originally scheduled two VAT tax hikes as part of the rollout for Abenomics. It would be inflationary and fiscally responsible all in one pass. To make sure Japan’s perpetually struggling economy could absorb any… Read More

Looking for Trades Beyond the Stock Market

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Stocks continue to make new all time highs over and over again, but if you’re frustrated with this skyward march, take a moment to make sure you’re not missing easier opportunities outside the equity bull market.  In tonight’s video, Corey highlights where we are in the market but also what opportunities are and have been… Read More

Tuesday Afternoon Links

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[Reuters] Wall Street skids after Apple’s shock sales warning [Reuters] Gold back above $1,600/oz as Apple’s virus warning lifts safety demand [CNBC] Coronavirus live updates: Sanofi working on vaccine with US health agency, Jaguar faces parts shortage [Reuters] U.S. imposes new rules on state-owned Chinese media over propaganda concerns [CNBC] ‘Chernobyl-like’ response by China means ‘worst is yet to come’… Read More

Aide of Russia's Putin Leaves Post, Kremlin Says

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As the only remaining independent, English-language news source reporting from Russia, The Moscow Times plays a critical role in connecting Russia to the world. Editorial decisions are made entirely by journalists in our newsroom, who adhere to the highest ethical standards. We fearlessly cover issues that are often considered off-limits or taboo in Russia, from… Read More

Lower Taxes On Investors?

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Update On The Coronavirus Currently, Hubei has a work suspension until February 20th. Obviously, the best case scenario is the suspension is lifted shortly. But that might not happen if deaths continue to rise along with confirmed cases. Specifically, as of February 14th the number of deaths rose 143 to 1,523 and the number of confirmed… Read More

The World Is Awash in Oil, False Assurances, Magical Thinking and Complacency as Global Demand Careens Toward a Cliff

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This collapse of price will manifest in all sorts of markets that are based on debt-funded purchases of desires rather than a warily prudent priority on needs. Since markets are supposed to discover the price of excesses and scarcities, it’s a mystery why everything that is in oversupply is still grossly overpriced as global demand slides off a… Read More

The Fed is a “Pickle”

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Miles Franklin sponsored this article by Gary Christenson. The opinions are his. Breaking news: The Wall Street casino created another all-time high for the S&P 500 Index during the week ending February 14. Regular new highs reassure people, but others fear they are symptoms of another Fed inspired bubble. The “pickle” description is explained below.… Read More

Japan Will Use HIV Drugs To Treat Coronavirus

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At the end of January, Indian scientists sparked a heated debate within virologist circles when they published a pre-print paper claiming they had discovered insertions in the coronavirus which bore an “uncanny similarity” to fragments such as gp120 and Gag found in the HIV virus, which they then said was “unlikely to be fortuitous in… Read More

Will Censorship Prevail over the First Amendment?

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Will Censorship Prevail Over The First Amendment? Paul Craig Roberts I remember when censorship in America was a limited phemonenon.  It applied during war time—“loose lips sink ships.”  It applied to pornography.  It applied to curse words on the public airwaves and in movies.  It applied to violence in movies.  There could be violence, but… Read More

The Magic Is Gone

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I’m a Baby Boomer—in the middle of the Boomer pack. Talk to almost anyone of my generation and they’ll tell you stories of what retirement looked like for workers when we were growing up. Back then it was common for someone to work for only one company, starting at age 18 and retiring at 65.… Read More

Silver Expected to Shine in 2020

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February 18, 2020  by SchiffGold  0   0 Silver will shine in 2020 with higher prices supported by expanded physical investment and industrial demand. This is the projection of the Silver Institute in its 2020 Market Forecast. The Silver Institute believes that macroeconomic and geopolitical conditions will remain broadly supportive for precious metals, encouraging investors to stay net buyers… Read More

Is Private Equity Having its WeWork Moment?

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2020 02 17 Kuppy 1

Funds have invested in PE due to its Madoff-like volatility profile. Ironically, they forgot that this led to a collapse.  By Harris “Kuppy” Kupperman, founder of Praetorian Capital, Adventures in Capitalism: For the better part of a decade, institutional investors have redeemed capital from active strategies and dumped it into Private Equity (PE). What’s the… Read More


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Remember the weekend of February 1st-2nd?  It was the weekend when the market hit its most emotional point regarding the Chinese flu situation.  Within the financial community, talk about conspiracies and all other sorts of crazy theories were flying around.  Reading my twitter feed that weekend felt like the world was about to end.  The… Read More