UK Woman Arrested For Filming Inside Empty Hospital

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Authored by Paul Joseph Watson via Summit News, A woman in the UK was arrested by police after she filmed a video inside an almost completely empty hospital and posted it online. The clip shows the woman walking through virtually empty corridors and filming empty wards at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital. “This is a disgrace…it is… Read More

EV Battery Price Has Plunged 89% In Ten Years 

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The price of a lithium-ion battery pack used to power an electric vehicle has plunged 89% in the last decade. It could drop even further in the next couple of years, allowing automakers to manufacture mass-market electric vehicles for the same cost as ones that run on petrol.  About a decade ago, the cost of a… Read More

Watch: Pre-Recorded London NYE Drones Celebrate Marxist BLM

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Authored by Steve Watson via Summit News, In a display that will turn off the vast majority of the country, a light show involving 300 drones was recorded last night in London featuring a celebration of the openly Marxist Black Lives Matter group, among other cringe inducing messages including a reference to online Zoom meetings. The drone… Read More

Xi’s Feigned Economic ‘Success’ A Mounting ‘Powder Keg’ With World

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“The gap between Xi’s confidence and the world’s grim reality is glaring,” analysis in Nikkei Asia Review recently observed. This need “to portray ‘success’ at party anniversary will be powder keg with the world.” The analysis begins, “When it comes to statements issued after key meetings of the Chinese Communist Party, what is not written – especially what… Read More

Trump Declassifies Intelligence Report On Chinese Bounties In Afghanistan

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The Trump administration is declassifying a US intelligence report that China offered to pay non-state actors in Afghanistan to attack American forces, according to Axios, citing two senior administration officials. Amusingly, Axios prominently disclaims the intel as ‘unconfirmed’ in their headline – a word which somehow escaped the MSM’s vocabulary when a nearly identical report… Read More

Soybean Prices Fade From 6-1/2-Year High As Argentine Strike Ends

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On Wednesday, Chicago Board of Trade soybean prices flirted with a 6-1/2-year high on tight global supply as investors shrugged off a deal between Argentine soy crushers and oilseed workers.  On late Tuesday night, Argentina’s soy crushing companies signed an agreement with oilseed worker unions, ending the two-week strike over wages that halted all exports of soybeans from the… Read More

The Mises Review: Book Reviews from 2020David Gordon

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The Mises Review was a quarterly review of the literature in economics, politics, philosophy, and law which was edited by David Gordon.  As we prepare for 2021, here is a collection of Dr. Gordon’s book reviews from the past year. Each article features his piercing Rothbardian insight into some of the most important new books of… Read More

Viral Video Shows NYC Bike Thugs Attacking BMW In Manhattan

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A pack of bicycle thugs in New York City were caught on film attacking a BMW on a Manhattan street in broad daylight. “Typical day in New York City!” tweeted account @NY_Actions in the clip which was posted just after Midnight on Wednesday morning. In it, attackers can be seen hitting, kicking, and elbow-dropping the… Read More

2020 In 12 Stunning Charts

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With just one day left in what has been a dismal year, we decided to look back at the past 12 months and summarize the most notable market events and developments in 12 charts. So without further ado, and courtesy of BoA’s Michael Hartnett, here is… 2020 in 12 charts. 2020 was a year dominated… Read More

Bitcoin Surges To New Record High Near $29k Amid “Liquidity Crisis”

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Cryptos rallied overnight, faded modestly, and are now pushing higher once again with Bitcoin surging to new record highs near $29,000… Source: Bloomberg And Ethereum topped $750… Source: Bloomberg While catalysts are manifold and much-discussed, CoinTelegraph’s Joseph Young notes that Bitcoin liquidity is declining, data from Glassnode shows, which could propel BTC price even higher.… Read More

Exploring for pegmatite-bound commodities without drilling, blastingValentina Ruiz Leotaud

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According to its creators, the use of a modular sequence of optimized exploration methods from ground, air and space-based information decreases exploration costs because there is no need for drilling and blasting which, in turn, dramatically reduces emissions.  Greenpeg has developed two toolsets for the exploration of buried LCT and NYF pegmatites “Innovation needs raw… Read More

California Voters Defeated Affirmative Action and the Left Was Very SurprisedJosé Niño

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Ideally, political elites would like nothing more than state-sponsored ethnic conflict. Having multiple groups pitted against each other in petty political squabbles makes effective opposition against the managerial class virtually impossible. Original Article: “California Voters Defeated Affirmative Action and the Left Was Very Surprised“ This Audio Mises Wire is generously sponsored by Christopher Condon. Narrated… Read More