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Vale sells New Caledonia nickel assets to Trafigura

“Vale’s intent from the beginning of the divestment process was to withdraw from New Caledonia in an orderly and responsible manner. This deal accomplishes that,” chief executive Eduardo Bartolomeo said in the statement. Vale will have a supply contract to off-take part of the nickel produced, the world’s top nickel and iron ore producer, it […]

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Congo launches state-owned cobalt miner

The non-exclusive supply deal will also see Trafigura finance the creation of strictly controlled artisanal mining zones, buying centres and logistics to trace supply. DRC holds around 70% of the world’s reserves of cobalt, crucial for the lithium-ion batteries used in the fast-growing electric vehicle (EV) sector. Congo’s artisanal miners are the world’s second largest […]

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This Is A Set Up.. Market Poised For A Big Move. BE READY! Mannarino

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I’m Petrified and That’s Why I’m Running Back to Cash Says Peter Grandich

Longtime gold bug Peter Grandich says he is only feeling safe with the greenback these days. Speaking with our Daniela Cambone, the Grandich and Company founder, who managed the portfolios of many pro athletes, reveals his deep concerns about the current environment. “I am truly petrified to see the complacency in the market…We’re entering a […]

Erik Norland and Harley Bassman on Fed Policy, Volatility, MMT and Inflation

Erik Norland, executive director and senior economist at CME Group, joins Wall Street veteran Harley Bassman of The Convexity Maven to discuss the impact of Fed policy on volatility across a handful of assets since the pandemic and, more broadly, since the GFC. In addition to this discussion of potential unintended effects of Fed policy, […]

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Rio Tinto faces revolt over former CEO’s exit package

Two other senior executives, who were in charge of the iron ore division and the unit responsible for dealing with Indigenous communities, also received hefty remunerations. Both Chris Salisbury and Simone Niven left Rio last year. Shareholder advisory groups Glass Lewis and ISS have urged shareholders to vote against the pay report at next month’s annual […]

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What Biden’s Big Infrastructure Push Means for Silver

The federal government is spending and redistributing newly created cash so rapidly, it’s becoming difficult to keep track of which trillions are going where. This week, President Joe Biden will pitch a $3 trillion “green” infrastructure package. That’s on top of the $1.9 trillion economic “relief” bill he recently signed into law. Next month, Biden […]

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QTR #246 – Andy Schectman: Silver Squeeze Could Happen, Bitcoin Is “For Real”

Andy joins me to talk bitcoin, silver squeeze rumors and the state of our clowned out markets. Andy is the President & Owner of Miles Franklin Precious Metal Investments. Prior to starting Miles Franklin, Ltd. in 1989, Andrew became a Licensed Financial Planner, specializing in Swiss Franc Investments and alternative investments. At Miles Franklin Ltd., […]

In Quest Of A Multipolar Economic World Order

Professor Michael Hudson and Pepe Escobar discuss the emerging economic world order which they define not so much as a conflict between nations, but a rivalry between two competing models of the economy. The finance capital driven model of the West with a domination of the FIRE sector, versus the mixed economy model represented by […]

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UN Decries “Mass Murder” After 114 Single-Day Protester Deaths In Myanmar

Authored by Kenny Stancil via, While Myanmar’s military celebrated Armed Forces Day on Saturday with a parade through the capital, the ruling junta’s security forces killed more than 100 people elsewhere throughout the country in the deadliest crackdown on peaceful pro-democracy protesters since last month’s coup. According to Myanmar Now, soldiers and police had killed at […]

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A Fed With No Fear of Inflation Should Scare Investors –

The mainstream press is comfortable with moderate inflation because it raises financial asset prices and allows the government to spend more money. But when inflation hits a rate that threatens the stock market, even the Wall Street Journal starts to fret: It has taken four decades, but the Federal Reserve has finally shaken off its […]

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Here Come The Global Vaccine Passports

Vaccination passports are being called the new “golden ticket” needed for global travel – and the hospitality industries that benefit – now that the recovery is on its way. Countries like Greece, who get a sizeable share of their country’s GDP from tourism, are looking forward to welcoming back visitors. Greece will re-open itself to […]

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New Universal Basic Income Program In Oakland Excludes Low-Income White Families

Authored by Matt Margolis via, The city of Oakland, Calif., has just launched a universal basic income program, providing low-income families $500 per month, with absolutely no strings attached regarding how they must spend it. According to a report from CBS News, this program, which is privately-funded, “is the latest experiment with a ‘guaranteed […]

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Audio Alert: Fed Vows Loose Money Experiment to Continue

Welcome to this week’s Market Wrap Podcast, I’m Mike Gleason. Precious metals markets are struggling against the headwind of a rising U.S. dollar this week. The dollar index broke out to a four-month high on Thursday. Neither a much-awaited fall in bond yields nor dovish remarks from Federal Reserve officials dissuaded currency traders from buying […]

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Bill Gates Is Selling Out Of His Stocks & The Reasons Behind It Are Frightening

Bill Gates has sold 11 stocks and bought just 1 if you look at his recent 13f filings. Let’s go over the stocks that he sold (& the 1 he bought), and analyze the potential reasons why he is selling. 📊 Sven Carlin (Expert Investor) Portfolio & Free Investing Course: ✔️Start Investing Now: […]

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DiMartino Booth Breaks Down Personal Finance, Post-Pandemic with Adam Sosnick — Valuetainment

Adam Sosnick sits down with Danielle DiMartino Booth — Breaks Down Personal Finance in a Post-Pandemic World #QuillIntelligence #ResearchRevolution #Valuetainment Order the book Fed Up​ About the Danielle: As Founder & CEO of Quill Intelligence, DiMartino Booth set out to launch a #ResearchRevolution​, redefining how markets intelligence is conceived and delivered. To build QI, […]

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Banks Face Mysterious SLR Crisis!! (Hidden Dangers Revealed)

✅ LYN ALDEN and I discuss portfolio that will HELP YOU profit from DOLLAR losing reserve currency status, click this link to check it out!! 🔥 Link to video discussing front end of yield curve going negative: For more content that’ll help you build wealth and thrive in a world of out of […]