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Save Earth… Get Rich…

Save Earth… Get Rich… Authored by Raul Ilargi Meijer via The Automatic Earth, I sometimes can’t believe I think I must revisit this theme time and again, but here we are. Joe Biden is chairing a virtual climate plan/summit/whatever, and absolutely nothing has changed since the last time I tried to explain why it is nonsense, or all the other times before that. But this […]

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Coinbase Goes Public, Opening the Crypto Floodgates

By Frank HolmesCEO and Chief Investment OfficerU.S. Global Investors Digital currencies stormed Wall Street in a big way this week. Crypto exchange Coinbase went public in a direct listing, opening the floodgates for a number of other crypto-related companies. This move brings us one step closer to mass acceptance of cryptocurrencies. Before now, investors seeking to participate had a few options other than to hold […]

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Ray Dalio Sends A Warning On A Horrid Economic Collapse Ahead

Ray Dalio has come out and said we’re in the later stages of the debt cycle. Let’s talk about why this is the case & the impact this can have.. đź“Š Sven Carlin (Expert Investor) Portfolio & Free Investing Course: http://bit.ly/SvenCarlinPortfolio ✔️Start Investing Now: https://m1finance.8bxp97.net/Yr71K đź’° Get FREE STOCKS With WeBull: http://bit.ly/WeBullStock __________________________________ Ray Dalio recently did an interview with Bloomberg finance and in this […]

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Cobalt, nickel battery use rises as electric sports cars gain popularity

The total battery capacity of EVs sold during the month increased 123% year on year to close to 11.3 GWh, according to Adamas Intelligence, which tracks demand for EV batteries by chemistry, cell supplier and capacity in over 90 countries.  To produce the most accurate data, the monthly battery capacity deployed numbers in the MINING.COM EV Metal Index do not include cars leaving assembly lines, […]

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Modern Monetary Practice: The Alluring Tree In The Garden

Is debt “for the common good” even more noble? The new morality – equal pay with no work. Cryptocurrencies react to regulatory vulnerabilities. To register for the McAlvany Wealth Management Tactical Short Q1 Call Click Here: https://mwealthm.com/tactical-short-1st-quarter-2021/ Thank you for listening to the McAlvany Weekly Commentary. The objective of McAlvany Weekly Commentary is to provide investors with valuable monetary, economic, geopolitical and financial information that […]

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How To Profit From Huge Inflation Ahead (For Beginners)

Many investors are concerned about high inflation coming over the next couple of years (& for good reason). Let’s go over the key methods to profit from inflation instead of lose… đź“Š Sven Carlin (Expert Investor) Portfolio & Free Investing Course: http://bit.ly/SvenCarlinPortfolio ✔️Start Investing Now: https://m1finance.8bxp97.net/Yr71K đź’° Get FREE STOCKS With WeBull: http://bit.ly/WeBullStock __________________________________ Inflation has been a big concern for a lot of investors, […]

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BC First Nation, Skeena Resources reach mining partnership peak

Eskay Creek is a past-producing mine first discovered in 1988 that Skeena initially optioned from Barrick Gold in 2017, before acquiring 100% ownership in October of last year. The former Eskay Creek mine was once the highest-grade gold mine in the world when it was in production, according to Skeena, as well as being the fifth-largest silver operation by volume. It produced 3.3 million oz. […]

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How to Invest in the Broadband Boom | Alternative Investments | Latitude 42

Citing “a stark digital divide”, the Biden Administration has outlined a $2 trillion infrastructure bill that will prioritize broadband expansion as a top policy goal, earmarking $100bn to bring affordable internet to “all Americans” by 2029. Currently, some 25% of Americans lack broadband access. The disparities between Americans with and without reliable access to the internet have become more visible. Latitude 42 is one of […]

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The Nuclear Shift in the Uranium Narrative

Airpocalypse: It’s morbid to think about. But one of the leading causes of death is air pollution. According to the World Health Organization, an estimated that 7 million people die every year from air pollution-related issues. Air pollution is caused by solid and liquid particles along with gases suspended in the air. By far, the largest contributor to air pollution comes from the world’s electricity […]

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Portfolio Construction: Beyond BTC & ETH (w/Jeff Dorman, Joey Krug, Ari Paul, and Raoul Pal)

Arca CIO Jeff Dorman, Pantera Capital co-CIO Joey Krug, and BlockTower Capital CIO and co-founder Ari Paul join Raoul Pal, Real Vision CEO and co-founder, to discuss their three favorite sectors in crypto, portfolio construction outside of Bitcoin and Ethereum, and how they view DeFi. Each of the guests describe what decentralized finance means to them, touching on the risks of investing outside of the […]

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Should We Fear Inflation? | The Big Conversation | Refinitiv

This week Real Vision’s Roger Hirst uses Refinitiv’s best-in-class data to look at the likelihood of inflation data taking off from here as we start to see the impact of base effects from last year’s pandemic bust. Economists are upping the ante with bolder and bolder forecasts for growth, but these impacts may be very short-lived. The dollar and yields may be self-correcting, and China’s […]

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Final Nail in the Coffin JSGu6r

Final Nail in the Coffin

The stock market was down today, but it’s still trading at record highs. The mainstream financial media will tell you it’s because the market is anticipating a robust recovery as the economy continues to reopen and vaccination numbers grow. But don’t buy into the happy talk that all is well with the U.S. economy. The unemployment rate has indeed dropped. But initial unemployment claims are […]

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NextSource partners with processors in Tesla supply chain to build battery anode plant

NextSource noted that the Japanese company supplies graphite anode material “to the majority of Japanese automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and the Tesla supply chain.” It is also the same Japanese company that in October 2018 signed an offtake agreement with NextSource for 20,000 tonnes of graphite a year over ten years. The Chinese partner is described as a “leading processor of SPG” and “is […]

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Implantable gold sensor can help monitor vital values, drug effectiveness

Up till now, implantable sensors have not been suitable to remain in the body permanently because either the body rejects them or because the sensor’s color is unstable and fades over time.  The sensor changes color and reveals concentration changes of substances in the body However, by using gold nanoparticles, the team at JGU achieved a more stable device.  In a study published in the […]

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McDonald’s To Close Hundreds Of Walmart Locations

By Jeff Wells, Summary Walmart is closing hundreds of in-store McDonald’s locations that have seen diminished foot traffic during the pandemic, The Wall Street Journal reported Friday. By this summer, around 150 McDonald’s will remain inside Walmart stores — down from a peak of 1,000 locations at the height of the two chains’ 30-year partnership. The paper also reported that Subway franchisees are closing locations […]

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Using the Yield Curve to Forecast Volatility (w/Mike Green & Harley Bassman)

Harley Bassman, founder of The Convexity Maven and inventor of the MOVE Index, sits down with Mike Green of Thiel Macro to talk volatility, MMT, and Bassman’s strategy for structuring his trades. In this no-holds-barred interview, Bassman also speaks to several indicators he’s using to determine when the volatility tide will turn. Filmed on May 22, 2019 at the EQDerivatives conference in Las Vegas. Thanks […]

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Section 230 Isn’t The Problem, Payment Networks Are

Authored by ‘Josh’ via MadAtTheInternet.com, Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act is one of the most important pieces of legislation in American history.  Passed into law in 1996, it has overseen the entirety of the consumer Internet’s development.  Its premise is simple: Internet service providers and platform operators are not responsible for civil damages that result from user-generated content that they host or manage.  […]

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Andreas Antonopoulos: Bitcoin, Layer 2 Solutions, and the Wild West of Crypto (w/Ash Bennington)

Author, coder, and educator Andreas M. Antonopoulos (aantonop.com) joins Ash Bennington, Real Vision senior editor, to discuss Bitcoin, layer 2 solutions, and the Wild West of crypto. Andreas describes Bitcoin as enabling trust across vast distances without coordination—trust without a central authority. He explains that Bitcoin allows you to trust in the system, without needing to trust the other person you are transacting with and […]

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Christine Ramon left talking the talk whilst AngloGold takes scenic route in search for CEO

THE last nine months at AngloGold Ashanti have been curious. First came the resignation of its CEO, Kelvin Dushisky, barely two years into the job. Then, about four months later, the firm’s chairman, Sipho Pityana, quit. Former Absa CEO, Maria Ramos, appointed to AngloGold’s board in 2019, took over its running, but no permanent replacement was found on the executive side of the business for […]

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