8 Pot Stocks Expected To Double This Year

Missouri-based brokerage and investment bank Stifel, along with its newly-acquired Canadian affiliate GMP Capital, is calling a loud ‘Buy’ on a range of cannabis stocks that its analysts think can stand apart and deliver major gains by taking advantage of their financial position and competitive edge in 2020…

First, let’s take a look at which companies Stifel thinks will do well in the U.S. marketplace: (Prices are in CDN Dollars)

  1. TerrAscend (CSE:TER) (OTCQX:TRSSF)
    • Rating: BUY
    • Price Target: $9.00
    • Today’s Price: $3.16
    • Implied Upside: +184.81%
  2. Curaleaf Holdings (CSE:CURA) (OTCQX:CURLF).
    • Rating: BUY
    • Price Target: $24.00
    • Today’s Price: $8.64
    • Implied Upside: 177.8%
  3. Cresco Labs (CSE:CL) (OTCQX:CRLBF)
    • Rating: BUY
    • Price Target: $20.00
    • Today’s Price: $7.24
    • Implied Upside: +176.2%
  4. Green Thumb Industries (CSE:GTII) (OTCQX:GTBIF)
    • Rating: BUY
    • Price Target: $32.00
    • Today’s Price: $11.25
    • Implied Upside: +184.4%
  5. Trulieve Cannabis (CSE:TRUL) (OTCQX:TCNNF)
    • Rating: BUY
    • Price Target: $32.00
    • Today’s Price: $13.55
    • Implied Upside: +136.2%
  6. iAnthus Holdings (CSE:IAN) (OTCQX:ITHUF)
    • Rating: BUY
    • Price Target: $5.00
    • Today’s Price: $1.76
    • Implied Upside: +184.1%
  7. Harvest Health (CSE:HARV) (OTCQX: HRVSF)
    • Rating: BUY
    • Price Target: $7.50
    • Today’s Price: $3.45
    • Implied Upside: +117.4%

…In Canada, Stifel’s favorite is:

  •  Fire & Flower Holdings Corp. (TSX:FAF) (OTCPK:FFLWF)
    • Rating: BUY
    • Price Target: $2.25
    • Today’s Price: $0.87
    • Implied Upside: +158.6%.
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