A Never Ending Supply of Oil/Yuan/Gold Backed Contracts – Rory Hall

October 3, 2017

Another article about the oil/yuan/gold contract with ZERO source
links to the contract or providing the name/department of the Chinese
official that is supposed to be making this announcement.

How can something change anything when there is zero substance? We
published the contract and the futures contract that is on the Shanghai
International Energy Exchange –
click here
– There is zero use of the word gold; there is zero information about
gold being used in any form for this contract. How is that everyone
outside of China knows about the contract but the Chinese are not
discussing? Do you, yes you the person reading this, understand the
implications of such a contract? If so, then you must understand the
fact with a complete lack of any realistic support for this story that
is a very serious issue.

I want this to be true as much as everyone else, as the impact on the
gold market would be swift and very profound. Our world wold change,
literally, overnight. Where is the contract and who is making this

According to the author of the original article we are simply to take
his word at face-value and accept on faith this is happening. I like
faith, in some aspects of my life, where my wallet is concerned I tend
to want a little more substance. A couple of people have
reached out to the author and several other people involved with the publication
of the original article – not one of these people can provide any
substance at all when it comes sources – only fantastical stories from a
dream or some other form imagination.

The only thing that could possibly support this whole idea of an
oil/yuan/gold backed contract is the string of gold news that has been
hitting the mainstream media airwaves the past couple of months. From a
purely speculative point-of-view I would like to ask – are the
globalist sending us a message and telling the goldbugs to get physical while you can?

Since mid July, the mainstream media has been publishing a string of
warnings and praise of physical gold. The sources for the stories have
been ultra high-profile executives, including the Secretary of the

For those that have been following the interviews I have
been conducting over the past several weeks know that we have been
keeping track of all the news items regarding physical gold. It all
started with Terry Duffy, President of the CME Group
stating on live TV that gold should currently be in $5-$6,000/ounce with all the geopolitical, economic and financial news. Then an article appeared on
the front page of the WSJ interviewing Ronan Manly, John Embry and
James Turk discussing the Federal Reserve, gold swaps and gold price
suppression. This was followed by Secretary Treasurer, Mnuchin visiting
Ft Knox and
stating “gold is safe”. About a week later Goldman Sachs announced physical gold was the “true hedge of last resort”. Then Jeff Christian stated that if a person had held 27-30% physical gold in
their portfolio between 1968 and 2016 their portfolio would have
performed “significantly better” than a portfolio without physical gold.

The physical gold story then went international and Sputnik News reported on the “price suppression scheme” and ask who and why. And now, just within the past few days, the World Gold Council is asking if we have reached “peak gold”. Source

Is this the warning shot that if you plan on having physical gold now
is the time and today is the day? The globalist psychopaths love to
send out their game plan and since the Western world is severely
underweight in their individual gold holdings this could be our last
warning to begin loading up with both hands.

Here is the link if you care to read the latest incarnation of the oil/yuan/gold story – Another Potential Game Changer for Gold Supply: Chinese Oil Imports Convertible to Gold by Jeff Clark – GoldSilver

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