All Globex Futures Trading Is Halted, CME "Aware"

2019 02 26 17 20 39

CME said in a statement to clients that all Globex markets have been halted at around 740ET, according to an email document seen by Bloomberg.

“We are aware of this, and we are currently looking into this,” said CME spokesperson Gan Lee Meng.

S&P Futures have stopped while FX markets remain active…

And Bond futures are also not trading…

Commodities are also not trading…

The issue affects a slew of other markets, including eurodollar futures, grains, crude oil and natural gas.

Traders, with nothing to do now, have taken to Twitter…

Finally, as one veteran trader scoffed, now’s the perfect time for India to drop a nuke on Pakistan as it only matters to the world if the S&P 500 drops.


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