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Bank stock prices are a primary indicator of how the economy is performing. Before the 2008 crisis, bank share prices started to decrease. An indication of an improving economy, is an increase in these bank share prices. More credit given out to companies and individuals, resulting in credit growth, which in turn indicates economic growth. Living in a credit based global system, we are reliant on this for our economic growth. A contraction of credit, results in a recession.

The charts below show how bank stock prices are performing.

Deutsche bank from Germany has fallen from $30.00 in October 2015 to $14.00 in August 2016. This bank is one of the largest banks in the World.

Banco Comercial Portugues in Portugal has fallen from 0.05 Euros in January 2016 to 0.02 currently.

Credit Agricole is one of the top 3 banks in France. Bank share prices in several European countries have been dropping.

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