Biden In Resurfaced Viral Clip: Recounts Kids Petting His "Hairy Legs" & Jumping On His Lap

Biden In Resurfaced Viral Clip: Recounts Kids Petting His “Hairy Legs” & Jumping On His Lap

Just over a couple months out from the Feb. 3 Iowa caucuses and Joe Biden’s campaign continues to implode at an accelerated rate — and perhaps his mind too — as his officially named ‘No Malarkey!’ Iowa bus tour continues (it’s not The Onion, that’s really the campaign slogan).

And now a ‘rediscovered’ viral video clip of Biden rambling at a previous speaking event is so bizarre and enters a whole new level of creepy that it’s put renewed spotlight on the question of Crazy Uncle Joe’s potential senility. It simply has to be seen to be believed. Surrounded by children, he goes on a free-flowing monologue about his hairy legs and how kids used to rub them to watch the “blond” hair pop up again. What?!?…

“The kids used to come up and rub my legs. And then jump on my lap. I loved the kids jumping on my lap.”

He then randomly transitions to learning “all about roaches” but quickly gets the story back on track:

“So I learned about roaches, I learned about kids jumping on my lap and I’ve loved kids jumping on my lap.”

“The men, who are now all men… and they’re all guys at the time, they’re all good men,” he nonsensically continues. 

It’s a new to surface segment from the prior epic Corn Pop episode he recounted about his time as a life guard at a public pool in Delaware in the 1960s.

Biden’s story of the unbelievable encounter with a gang leader named ‘Corn Pop’ had previously surfaced and drove headlines back in September, but apparently the even weirder hairy legs and “I loved kids jumping on my lap” segment was little commented on at the time.

Meanwhile, things in Iowa are now getting weird as well, per the NY Post on Saturday:

She must have looked good enough to eat.

A jovial Joe Biden nipped his wife Jill’s finger onstage Saturday at a rally in Council Bluffs, Iowa, as she introduced him at the first stop of an eight-day, 800-mile road trip through the first-to-caucus state.

“Friendly reminder not to kink shame Joe Biden for suckin on his wife’s fingie :),” one journalist, Nicole Russell observed on Twitter.

Well at least it was his own wife’s finger he nibbled on, and not a campaign staffer’s or young supporter’s or a random stranger’s

The more local campaign events Biden speaks at, the more likely it is that we’re about to witness weirder and weirder behavior from the Democratic front runner.

* * *

According Bloomberg Biden is in danger of a “humiliating loss” in Iowa due to a “poorly organized operation, but clearly judging by the above off-the-cuff clip that might be the least of his worries

Joe Biden risks a humiliating third- or fourth-place finish in Iowa early next year, according to nearly a dozen senior Democrats in the state who attribute the prospect to what they see as a poorly organized operation that has failed to engage with voters and party leaders.

With fewer than 100 days until the Feb. 3 caucuses, Biden is failing to spend the time with small groups of voters and party officials that Iowans expect and his campaign’s outreach has been largely ineffective, according to 11 senior Democrats in the state. That could send Biden to a crippling loss behind Elizabeth Warren and Pete Buttigieg, who have highly organized campaigns in Iowa, said the Democrats, most of whom requested anonymity to speak candidly about the campaign.

And action needs to be taken say Democrat insiders:  

“I think it’s fair to say if action isn’t taken soon, you’re going to find that a person who was 7 or 14 points behind Biden will be breathing down his neck or actually ahead of him,” said Kurt Meyer, chairman of the Mitchell County Democratic Party. “There’s still time because the caucuses are not on Oct. 27, but action needs to be taken.”

Yes we second that, but for entirely different reasons.

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Biden In Resurfaced Viral Clip Recounts Kids Petting His Quot Hairy Legs Quot Amp Jumping On His Lap - News

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