BIGGEST BREAKTHROUGH IN ENERGY: Petroteq Losses Nearly 90% Of Its Value Since Last Report

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Every day a new sucker is born.  That’s precisely why companies like Petroteq exist.  Since I exposed Petroteq back in March 2018, the company has lost nearly 90% of its value.  However, that hasn’t stopped the company from issuing new stock and racking up millions of dollars in funds to keep the scam alive.

I call Petroteq… the GIFT that keeps on TAKING.

Over the past year and a half, I have received several emails from followers or individuals who saw my article and asked if Petroteq was a good investment.  I gather my article published on March 16th, 2018 didn’t provide enough information to “Educate” the individual on why Petroteq was a crappy company.

So, I decided it was best to do an update or PART 2 on the disaster called Petroteq.

Again, back in March, I posted this article on Petroteq, BIGGEST BREAKTHROUGH IN ENERGY:  Investor Warning

If you haven’t read the article, I would recommend it. I am not going to rehash the information that I wrote back in March 2018, but what I am going to do is to show that this company continues to BAMBOOZLE INVESTORS even though the stock price is heading to ZERO.

I first came across the company from an article “TEASED” on about a new technology that claims to produce oil at $20 a barrel.

Clean Oil That Only Costs $20

At first, I didn’t know what to think about this company because why would the editor in chief at, James Stafford, publish this on their website if the company wasn’t legit?  However, after a bit of research, I found out that Petroteq was nothing more than your typical RUN-OF-THE-MILL Stock scam.

So, why would the editor in chief of publish several articles on this piece of garbage?  Well, this is the way makes its money.  If you check the new articles posted on, you will come across articles labeled as “Sponsored Articles” on the website.  The last sponsored article that posted on its website was on a company called the African Gold Group.


Why Smart Money Is Betting Big On Junior Gold Miners

Interestingly, several different authors on published various titles promoting the African Gold Group over the past two weeks.  Do you know what received for advertising the African Gold Group?  Look at the highlighted yellow section below.

If you make it all the way down to the very bottom of the article, before clicking on your TD Ameritrade account to BUY African Gold Stock, you will notice that was paid $50,000 to promote this stock. Furthermore, Oilprice promoted another company a few weeks earlier for another 50 G’s.  So, in just two weeks, Oilprice pocketed a cool $100,000 to promote what I believe are GARBAGE STOCKS.

Now, getting back to Petroteq.  When I researched Petroteq back in March 2018, ran several articles promoting the company.  But, I did not see any disclaimer on the bottom of the articles showing compensation.  Maybe received compensation but didn’t disclose it until more recently.  So, I am going to let you all on a little dirty secret.

WARNING:  Some Websites Will Put Out Legitimate Articles While Making Most Of Their Money Promoting Garbage Stocks

I’ve kept quiet for some time, but now I am going to be a bit more FRANK on websites promoting garbage stocks.  I am quite surprised at the number of sites that are PAID DEARLY to promote GARBAGE STOCKS, even in our precious metals alternative community.  So, buyer beware when you see a stock being promoted.

One of the major RED FLAGS is the disclaimer at the bottom of the article or promotion. I have seen some promotions with a hefty $300,000+ price tag hidden down deep in the disclaimer.  The owners of these websites peddling GARBAGE STOCKS, are making a killing by fleecing their followers or new investors.

Folks, if the company being promoted has five letters in the stock ticker, like Petroteq at PGEFF, that should be a RED FLAG.  Most pink sheets or OTC stocks are nothing but pure TRASH.  Very few penny stocks ever become legitimate companies.

For example, when I first published the article on Petroteq, the stock price was $1.55:

As of the close of Nov 25th, Petroteq was trading at a mere $0.17 a share:

While Petroteq’s stock enjoyed a nice bounce from Jun-Aug 2018, it was due to a massive PR campaign.  You can check out the details on this website calling Petroteq a SCAM, Utah Tar Sands Resistance:

Recently Petroteq energy has been actively pursuing investors, by generating press releases and soliciting press coverage to boost the stock price of Petroteq.

Petroteq has used GlobeNewswire, a paid service to make a press releases on August 3rd, July 24, July 18, July 12, July 11, July 10, July 9, July 3, May 22, May 23. They use PR Newswire a paid press service in London to re-churn their press releases in Europe.

From GlobeNewsire site: “GlobeNewswire is one of the world’s largest newswire distribution networks, specializing in the delivery of corporate press releases financial disclosures and multimedia content to the media, investment community, individual investors and the general public.”

Those press release dates listed in that article were from 2018.  If our BRAINSTEMS are working correctly, then we can spot the rise in Petroteq’s stock price during the PR campaign.  The company is employing the promotional tactic called, A NEW SUCKER’S BORN EVERY MINUTE.

Now, if we take a look at Petroteq’s News Release section on its website, OH BOY, the company has been busy issuing lots of stock and collecting millions of dollars from “BRAINDEAD” investors.

I count that Petroteq collected $3.6 million worth of funds from investors in just the past 3+ months…. all when the stock was selling at less than $0.20 a share. However, time is running out for the company as the stock continues closer to ZERO.

So, if you would like to invest in a company that claims it can produce SUB-PAR Utah Oil sands at $20 a barrel, Petroteq is undoubtedly an excellent candidate if you want to THROW YOUR MONEY AWAY.

I had a few nice replies to my Petroteq Tweet and thought I would post one here.  The individual incorrectly assumed that I had taken a SHORT position on Petroteq.  If I had done so, I would clearly DISCLOSE it on my website.  Believe me you, there are going to be plenty of stocks worthy of shorting when the markets start to tank.  Shorting a penny stock isn’t my cup of tea.

BUYER BEWARE:  Stock Promotions With Large Advertising Fees

I will make this plainly simple… stay clear of stock promotions on GARBAGE PENNY STOCK companies.  You would be surprised at just how many websites and newsletters that take part in this shady activity.  Most of the information published on these websites are legitimate.  If it is a website that focuses on precious metals, well then, you are going to see a lot of factual information on gold and silver, including guest interviews by well-known analysts in the industry.

THE BIG BAIT:  Website(s) will post articles and reports that NEED YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS.  If you see a website asking for your email address to receive some free report, WATCH OUT.  The biggest moneymaker in our industry is the collection of EMAIL ADDRESSES.  Why?  That is the bread and butter of the industry because they have a list of VICTIMS to BAMBOOZLE lots of money.

While the SRSrocco Report provides a place for new visitors to put in their email address, it’s only to receive new free public articles when they are posted.  You don’t know how many times I have been contacted by various websites for my email list.  Again… WHY?  So, they can abuse them by promoting garbage stocks.

Folks, individuals are getting rich by taking advantage of investors, especially in our precious metals community.  SHAME ON THEM.  We are supposed to be educating and helping individuals to protect their wealth with precious metals for the coming financial crisis.  However, I don’t make much money doing this sort of thing.  But, if I was to allow one of these websites to use my subscribers to send promotional material on garbage stocks, I could make a PRETTY PENNY.

As you all notice, I have cut back my interviews and will probably only do a few every once in a while with the more REPUTABLE websites or individuals.

It is time to get ready for the next BIG FINANCIAL CRISIS.  So, don’t get taken advantage of by the websites promoting GARBAGE PENNY STOCKS.

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