Bill Gates Is Selling Out Of His Stocks & The Reasons Behind It Are Frightening

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Bill Gates has sold 11 stocks and bought just 1 if you look at his recent 13f filings. Let’s go over the stocks that he sold (& the 1 he bought), and analyze the potential reasons why he is selling.

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So we all know who Bill Gates is. He’s one of the richest men in the world, with a net worth of with a net worth of around $127 billion dollars. Now he did this through creating his own company Microsoft, but he also did it, through very smart investing.

Now I don’t know if you guys have been paying attention to the investing moves that Gates has been making lately, but, what can I say on them, they’re very interesting to say the least. So in his recent 13f filings he sold & reduced 11 stocks and bought just one. So let’s take a look at this.

Uber, the world ride hailing company, he sold 100% of his position.
Boston properties he did the same thing, he reduced it by 100% selling 1.1 million shares.
Alibaba, one of China’s biggest companies, he has sold in his recent 13f filings, 100% of his position.

Going up a bit, these 3 stocks he’s reduced by 50%.
Google or Alphabet (same thing), he sold all of his shares in.
Amazon, Jeff Bezos won’t be too happy with this one, 50% of the Bill & Melinda Gates trust position was reduced. Even the great Apple, would not avoid the wrath of Gates investment decisions, 50% gone.

So these are big moves that Gates is making. Normally when an investor sells some of his position, it’s normally a couple of percent. If it’s 5% people are normally woah, that’s a big deal, that’s a big sale.

But Bill Gates, he’s selling 100% out of his positions like Uber & Alibaba, and 50% out of big stocks like Amazon, Apple & Google. These are big moves, do not make any mistake about that.

Some of his smaller moves, which are still actually big, include liberty group, the communications company, that was reduced by a whole quarter, the great Berkshire Hathaway was reduced by 10.6% not sure how Buffett will feel about that one, and the last position that was sold, was Canadian National railway, the only small sale of 0.86%.

And if we look at all the stocks that he’s bought in the most recent quarter it was…. Just 1. A stock called Shrodinger, a healthcare stock which we’ll talk about a bit later on. So I’ll repeat that, 11 stock sales, and 1 stock buy. And when I say stock sales, not just small sales, not just small reduction, 100% & 50% type reductions.

And what we really want to know as investors is why? Why has Gates made such big sales in these massive companies. Now Gates is a bit like Warren Buffett they don’t like to talk too much about their personal investments. The only reason we know about his buys and sales, is because he legally has to disclose them.

But Gates is a value investor, just like Buffett that’s who he learned investing from when he was a lot a younger. And the pattern that you’ll notice with a lot of stocks that he’s sold, is they’re very high in price, which a lot investors avoid.

Uber that’s currently selling for $56 a share, market cap is over $100 billion and it’s not even generating any profit.
Amazon price wise has gone up more than 400% over the past 5 years. It’s got a p/e of 72. That’s considered very high.
Apple is up over 350%. P/e ratio is 33.
Google or Alphabet the proper name, is up 170%, with the same p/e ratio is apple of 33.

So these stocks that Bill Gates is rushing out of, you’d have to say he thinks they’re overvalued. It’s not like he’s selling them because he’s desperate for cash. I mean his net worth is over $127 billion, I’m sure he’s got his fair share of cash, but I think Gates is worried about a market crash.

If you look at a lot of stocks in the market their prices are up to crazy levels. I’m sure Bill Gates & his investment manager Michael Larson have been looking at these closely, and as per the latest report, they’ve decided to dramatically trim or exit some of their positions…

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