Bill Holter-US Government Will Default

Financial expert Bill Holter says the financial markets are being propped up by “fraud,” and the global financial markets are nothing more than “Ponzi schemes.” He says many people are surprised it all did not unravel years ago and points out, “I didn’t see it getting past the end of 2016. It could collapse anytime. We should have collapsed two or three years ago, but with smoke and mirrors, they held this thing up. It’s a complete hologram or shell. There is no substance underneath the real economy. The whole thing is a house of cards, and it’s built on credit.”

In closing, Holter predicts “the U.S. government will default” at some point and explains, “Default is a mathematical certainty. There is no way the debt and the commitments can be paid back. Once a country get over 100% debt to GDP, that’s banana republic time, and the U.S. is 105% debt to GDP right now. That’s just the debt on the books. That’s not future promises.”

Holter contends this is why gold and silver prices are guaranteed to go much, much higher.

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