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Bitcoin Cash Hits $2,779 Up 193.1% in 24 Hours!

On October 29th, NIA took a major long position in Bitcoin Cash at $450 and suggested for all NIA members to immediately do the same, predicting that the Bitcoin Cash/Bitcoin Ratio would explode big time in the following weeks!

A few days later on November 2nd, NIA sent out an urgent alert to its members entitled, “Why NIA Loaded Up on Bitcoin Cash”. NIA predicted that by mid-November, “the Cryptocurrency community will turn against Bitcoin and adopt Bitcoin Cash as its new favorite Cryptocurrency.”

NIA was the only organization in the world to make this prediction and judging by what took place over the last 36 hours, NIA was 100% correct! At exactly 1:44AMEST this morning, Bitcoin Cash hit a new all-time high of $2,779 for a gain of 193.1% over the previous 24 hours!

Also at exactly 1:44AMEST this morning, Bitcoin fell to a new 18 day low of $5,493 for a decline of 16% over the previous 24 hours! At that moment, the Bitcoin Cash/Bitcoin Ratio reached a new record high of 0.496 for a gain of 248.7% over the previous 24 hours!

Bitcoin Cash at its new all-time high of $2,779 reached this morning has gained by 517.6% since NIA’s suggestion exactly two weeks ago at $450! The Bitcoin Cash/Bitcoin Ratio at its new record high of 0.496 reached this morning has gained by 561.3% from NIA’s alert exactly two weeks ago at 0.075!

With Bitcoin’s hard fork of B2X that was scheduled for November 16th now cancelled, investors no longer have any reason to own Bitcoin. Without the promise of receiving more “free money”, investors have begun questioning why the price of Bitcoin is currently higher than Bitcoin Cash, when only Bitcoin Cash meets Satoshi Nakamoto’s definition of an electronic coin!

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Yesterday, Bitcoin’s average transaction fee reached a new record high of $10.69, which is a total disaster! Bitcoin Cash’s average transaction fee is only $0.20 – making Bitcoin Cash perfectly positioned to become the world’s #1 leading Cryptocurrency for electronic transactions! Bitcoin Cash also has much larger transaction capacity than Bitcoin, with an 8X larger block size limit!



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