Retail Investors Are Long Confidence And Short Experience

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In a “market mania,” retail investors are generally “long confidence” and “short experience” as the bubble inflates. While we often believe each “time” is different, it rarely is. It is only the outcomes that are inevitably the same. I recently penned an article about Charles Mackay’s book “Extraordinary Popular Delusions And The Madness Of Crowds.”… Read More


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👉 Do you have a macro or investing question 👈 that you’d like to ask George directly? If so, tune in this Sunday, March 7th, at 6 Pm EST for a live stream Q&A session! How The LIVE STREAM Q&A works George starts off by answering questions from the comments section. Got a question about… Read More

Eric Hickman: A Signal To Buy 30-Year Bonds

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Eric Hickman discusses the recent signal to buy 30-year bonds. A technical indicator with a reliable history is signaling that 30-year Treasury yields will soon decline. A relative strength index (RSI) can be measured for any price series and represents how much and frequency gains are occurring versus losses. The index is used as a… Read More

Market Stumbles As Rising Rates Undermine Outlooks 03-05-21

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In this issue of “Market Stumbles As Rising Rates Undermine Outlooks.” Market Review And Update Jerome Powell Disappoints Topping Patterns Suggest Caution Portfolio Positioning #MacroView: Feedback Loop Between Fed & Elite Sector & Market Analysis 401k Plan Manager Follow Us On: Twitter, Facebook, Linked-In, Sound Cloud, Seeking Alpha RIA Advisors Can Now Manage Your 401k… Read More

The ECB: So Much Flexibility and So Little to Do

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The ECB meeting is the most important calendar event in the week ahead.  It is true that the US reports February CPI figures, but the base effect surge begins with the March reading.  Still, headline inflation will likely be lifted by rising food and energy prices.  The core rate has been flat for the past… Read More

Sprott Money News Weekly Wrap-up – 3.5.21Sprott Money

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Technical analyst market forecaster David Brady joins us for a discussion of the current trends in the precious metals as well as his forecast for where prices will head later this year and into 2022. You can submit your questions to Visit our website​​​ for more news.Read MoreSprott Money

Markets Unsettled, Dollar Rides High

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Overview: The combination of OPEC+ decision not to boost output next month and Fed Chair Powell’s seemingly lack of concern about the level of long-term rates pushed on a door that was already open.  Oil is higher, yields are higher, most equity markets are lower, and the dollar has surged.  The S&P 500 is practically… Read More

#MacroView: The Feedback Loop Between The Fed & The Elite.

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An Elite Club Central Bank’s globally sought to stoke economic growth by inflating asset prices. Unfortunately, the consumption of the benefit was only those with savings and discretionary income to invest. In other words, the stock market became an “exclusive” club for the elite. While monetary policy increases the wealth of those that have wealth, the… Read More

Why $15 Minimum Wage Is GOOD! (Shocking Intel Revealed)

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✅ LYN ALDEN and I discuss portfolio that will HELP YOU profit from DOLLAR losing reserve currency status, click this link to check it out FREE DEEP DIVE!! 🔥 Link to video I mentioned that explains dollar funding markets further: For more content that’ll help you build wealth and thrive in a world… Read More

Money and statistical delusions

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I can prove anything with statistics, except the truth — Lord Canning, c. 1819 Does Canning’s aphorism still hold true, given that data collection and statistical analysis have progressed beyond all recognition in the last two hundred years? This article tests that proposition. It is still true, because of the interests for which statistics are… Read More

OPEC+ and Powell are Awaited

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Overview:  Equities are under pressure following yesterday’s sharp losses in the US.  The MSCI Asia Pacific Index suffered its biggest decline of the week today as Japanese, Chinese, and Hong Kong benchmarks slid by more than 2%.  The Dow Jones Stoxx 600 Index in Europe is buckling under the pressure and is posting its first… Read More

Outliers: Four Ways They Can Change Our Lives (Part 2)

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Outliers can change our lives. The pesky outposts of statistical warriors are situated at the far reaches of normality.  When they breach boundaries, lives change, sometimes forever. In Part 2, I examine the investment and portfolio outliers that can make the difference between retiring or working indefinitely (not that work during retirement is such a… Read More

Trilateralism: The Past is Prologue

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Intercapitalist rivalries ebb and flow and shaped modern history more than many may realize. Recall that Nixon unilaterally severed the dollar’s last ties to gold, not because of the Soviet Union.  America’s capitalist allies in Europe demanded gold for their dollars, accumulating from aid, foreign direct investment, and trade.  A couple years after the collapse… Read More

The US Dollar Finds Footing

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Overview:  Equities have more stable footing today, despite yesterday’s losses in the US, as the relative stability in the bond markets bolster risk-appetites. Led by a 2.7% rally in Hong Kong, which matches its largest advance of the year, Asia Pacific markets all advanced.   Europe’s Dow Jones Stoxx 600 is up for the third consecutive… Read More

Is Plinko The Best The Fed Can Do?

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Is Plinko The Best The Fed Can Do? Plinko was made famous on the TV show The Price is Right. To play the game, a contestant drops a coin into one of the many slots at the top of the Plinko board. Then they watch the coin fall, bouncing off pegs until it reaches the… Read More