Trump Plans Executive Order To Help Lower Health-Care Costs

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While Democrats dither over the virtues of ‘Medicare for All’, the Trump administration is about to embark on an all-out offensive to lower health-care costs in the US. According to WSJ, Trump is preparing an executive order that would force health-care providers – hospitals, internists, specialists etc. – to disclose the discounted and negotiated rates… Read More

Theresa May Cries As She Announces Plan To Resign In 2 Weeks

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Fighting off tears after rattling off her accomplishments and thanking the people of the UK for the ‘honor of a lifetime’, Theresa May said Friday that she will resign on Friday, June 7 – two weeks from now – after a rebellion within the conservative party finally forced her to step down. <!–[if IE 9]><![endif]–><!–[if… Read More

A "European Empire" Is Not What Europe Needs

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Authored by Ferghane Azihari via The Mises Institute, A certain nostalgic view of the Roman Empire has helped to push the idea the European Union is essential to the prosperity and success of Europe. But a closer look at the continent invalidates the link between prosperity and affiliation to Brussels’ Europe. Among the richest European… Read More

Satellite Imagery Spots Russia's New Combat Stealth Drone

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Adem Duygu, a military analyst from Turkey, posted commercial satellite imagery of Russia’s new combat stealth drone on a flight line around the date President Vladimir Putin inspected the country’s latest warplanes at the 929th Chkalov State Flight-Test Center in Russia’s Astrakhan region. Commenting on the latest satellite imagery, The National Interest said the new… Read More

BoJo, Brexit, & May's Final Act

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Authored by Alasdair Macleod via, Brexit has been a long, drawn-out saga. But finally, Theresa May’s indecision appears to be coming to an end. She has finally been cornered in a tragic opera with more twists and turns than Wagner’s Ring Cycle. May’s Götterdämmerung is reaching its conclusion. Brünnhilde is riding Grane, her trusty steed, into immolation on the… Read More

Chinese Diplomat Warns UK: Ditch Huawei At Your Own Peril

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Even with the 90 day delay, the Trump administration’s decision to blacklist Huawei and other foreign telecoms suspected of threatening national security has already prompted a handful of suppliers to cut ties with the Chinese telecoms giant, for fear that continuing to do business with Huawei would subject them to retaliation from the US. Three… Read More

The Euro-Atlantic Populist Wave

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Authored by Andrew Spannaus via, In 2016, the world began to change, with the Brexit referendum in the U.K. and the election of Donald Trump as U.S. president. In both cases, an insurrection of “regular people” against the structures of political and media power upset the political balance of two of the leading countries… Read More

Meanwhile In China: If You Don't Recycle, Big Brother Will Get You

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Starting in September, residents of Xi’an, located in China’s northwest Shaanxi Province, will receive negative social credit points if they refuse to observe local garbage sorting regulations, according to the CCP-friendly Global Times.  The Xi’an government requires its residents to sort their waste into at least four categories – recyclable, hazardous waste, kitchen and other waste. Those who… Read More

Employees Of 'Sexting-Central' Snapchat Spied On Users

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Employees at social media giant Snap have been abusing internal tools for accessing user data in order to spy on Snapchat users, according to an investigative report by Motherboard, which interviewed multiple current and former employees and viewed internal Snap communications.  “employees have used data access processes for illegitimate reasons to spy on users, according to two former employees.” –Motherboard… Read More

Skype Co-Founder Is "Desperate" To Save Humanity From AI

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Authored by Mac Slavo via, The co-founder of Skype, Jaan Tallinn, is on a desperate mission to save the human race from the destruction of artificial intelligence.  Since 2007, Tallinn’s dedicated more than $1 million toward preventing super-smart AIs from replacing humans as Earth’s dominant species and from destroying humanity in the process. <!–[if… Read More

How Media Propagandists Create "Symbolic" Meaning

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Authored by Joshua Philipp via The Epoch Times, In the information age, propaganda has become one of the most powerful forces in the world. And political factions, legacy news outlets, and special interest groups looking to manipulate societies to their wills use propaganda’s various tactics to advance their goals.            … Read More

They're Back! 3D-Printed Guns Are Unstoppable And Here To Stay

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Authored by Mac Slavo via, An entirely decentralized network of self-defense rights advocates have taken to the internet to provide plans for 3D-printed guns.  It looks like the 3D guns are unregulatable and unstoppable. They’re anonymously sharing the blueprints and advice while simultaneously building an unstoppable community. <!–[if IE 9]><![endif]–><!–[if IE 9]><![endif]–> Unlike previous… Read More

CJ Hopkins: Democracy Versus The 'Putin-Nazis'

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Authored (satirically) by CJ Hopkins via The Unz Review, Back in January 2018, I wrote this piece about The War on Dissent, which, in case you haven’t noticed, is going gangbusters. As predicted, the global capitalist ruling classes have been using every weapon in their arsenal to marginalize, stigmatize, delegitimize, and otherwise eliminate any and all… Read More

Vicious Cycle: The Pentagon Creates Tech Giants & Then Buys Their Services

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Authored by TJ Coles via, The US Department of Defense’s bloated budget, along with CIA venture capital, helped to create tech giants, including Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google and PayPal. The government then contracts those companies to help its military and intelligence operations. In doing so, it makes the tech giants even bigger. <!–[if IE… Read More

Trump Orders FBI, CIA To "Fully Cooperate" With Barr; Grants "Full And Complete Authority To Declassify"

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President Trump on Thursday announced that he has directed the US intelligence community to “quickly and fully cooperate with the Attorney General’s investigation into surveillance activities during the 2016 Presidential election,” adding that Attorney General William Barr has been given “complete authority to declassify information pertaining to this investigation.  ….during the 2016 Presidential election. The… Read More