Gold and Silver Melt, or Meltdown?

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You can watch this article on YouTube in video format here. Since early July, I’ve told my subscribers in the precious metals markets to take a Katusa Free Ride on all our gold stocks. Thus, all but one stock in our portfolio has a zero-cost base and we are flush with cash. Is it time… Read More

The ENDGAME Is Here – Mike Maloney & George Gammon (Part 2)

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Visit GoldSilver through George’s affiliate link: Is this the Endgame? Join Mike Maloney in Part 2 of his conversation with George Gammon, host of the Rebel Capitalist Show, to hear what they think comes next – and what the average person can do do shield themselves from the financial insanity that prevails. Link to… Read More

Confidence Erodes in U.S. Institutions… Is the Dollar Next?

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Confidence in American politics is now rarer than gold. The U.S. election system, once sacrosanct, is losing the trust of half the country. Which half will depend on the outcome of Donald Trump’s efforts in the courts to demonstrate widespread fraud. The political left is certain Joe Biden is the rightful winner. They dismiss Trump’s… Read More

A Guide to ESG Investing and How Much Money is at Stake

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ESG Investing Makes You “Feel Good”. As Forbes correctly pointed out, there is another motive at play than just chasing big profits… Investing in ESG companies and funds makes you look good. A recent poll found that nearly three-quarters (73%) of people think more positively of billionaires that stop investing in controversial industries. Let’s face… Read More

The Great Reset – How We Are Preparing

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“The Great Reset” is a term that we are hearing more frequently in the financial news today, but what exactly is “The Great Reset”? In Episode 16 of The Goldnomics Podcast, Stephen Flood, Mark O’Byrne and Dave Russell discuss “The Great Reset” and how it could impact investors and what they can do now to… Read More

Get Ready for a Post-Election ‘Fed Wave’ of Inflation

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As accusations of voting irregularities mount, President Donald Trump’s legal team is descending on Pennsylvania and Georgia as well as multiple battleground states that have been called by media outlets for Joe Biden. It will be an uphill battle for Trump to get to 270 electoral votes. As of this writing on Thursday morning, the… Read More

Presidential Elections Impact on Gold | Weekly Analysis

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Presidential Elections Impact on Gold | Weekly Analysis | Chart of the Week The Presidential Elections Impact on Gold chart records the price changes on gold for the week leading up to the election, as well as the week following the election to determine what historical price changes have been. On average, gold has increased… Read More

Is It March All Over Again?

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October 29, 2020  by Michael Maharrey  0   0 It looks like March all over again. Pretty much everything except dollars sold off yesterday. The Dow Jones was down 943 points. The S&P 500 dropped by 3.53%. The Nasdaq plummeted by 426 points.  It was panic selling as markets fretted about the rise in COVID-19 cases, new lockdowns in… Read More

Inflation Is Here

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October 28, 2020  by SchiffGold  0   0 The mainstream isn’t worried about inflation. In fact, we’re told inflation is muted. And that’s true, at least by some measures. We haven’t seen the rising consumer price index (CPI) you might expect as central banks inject trillions of dollars created out of thin air into the economy. But just because… Read More

Silver: 2011 Was A Preview Of What’s Coming

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The precious metals sector is getting primed for big move higher. The rally that started in March was nothing more than engine revving.  Physically deliverable gold and silver are becoming scarce.  That is making it problematic for the gold/silver market manipulators to keep a lid on the prices of gold and silver.  Rising U.S. domestic… Read More

IDC-backed community group Baroka ba Nkwana interested in buying Bokoni from Amplats

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COMMUNITY group Baroka ba Nkwana has submitted an expression of interest in the Bokoni mine, the Limpopo province mine that was written down for R4.5bn by Anglo American Platinum (Amplats) in 2017. BusinessLive said it had documents showing that the community’s Ayana Baroka group, backed by the government-owned Industrial Development Corporation, wanted to buy Bokoni mine.… Read More

EOS Stable Staking Token & Digital Debit & Credit Cards

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Montreal – TheNewswire – August 13, 2020 – ZeU Crypto Networks Inc. (CSE:ZEU) (CNSX:ZEU.CN) is pleased to announce that it has initiated the process to obtain a license to operate a financial institution in Malta. ZeU will integrate remittance and micro-lending, as well as creating Mula- and ZeU-branded debit and credit cards to integrate with… Read More