Dear Prime Minister

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This is an open letter to Boris Johnson about the inflationary consequences of the global action against the coronavirus with which his government is conjoined, and the policies he will have to implement to protect the pound from a collapse in its purchasing power. Dear Prime Minister An exit strategy from the domestic and global… Read More

Gold Coin and Bar Shortage Deepens and Premiums Surge

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◆ Gold and silver coin and bar shortages have deepened globally due to massive demand and a breakdown in supply (see News below).◆ GoldCore remains open for business and we are buying coins and bars from clients and we are continuing to buy and sell gold and silver certificates. We are buying coins and bars… Read More

What is holding gold back?

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Gold prices moved to $1700/ozt a few weeks ago as the market started to price in rate cuts. However, since then, prices have fallen back to below $1500/ozt despite broad market turmoil. We believe this price fall is mainly the result of sharply higher real-interest rate expectations as we are seeing a temporary surge in… Read More

Payments panic and the ending of fiat currencies

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The unilateral response from governments to the coronavirus is to helicopter money to people and their businesses in unlimited quantities. Their priority is to keep the debt-driven Keynesian show on the road, and policy makers are approaching the task with unseemly gusto. There was evidence that the credit cycle was already on the turn with… Read More

Important Notice To Clients Regarding Our Services – Please Read

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Dear Client, GoldCore will remain open for business and we like most mints, refineries and dealers continue to experience record demand. In light of the unprecedented demand for precious metals and significant disruptions to logistical networks as borders and nations are closed in national lock-downs, we have taken the following decisions and actions: ◆ Our… Read More

The Feds Bazooka misfired

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The Germans – as always – have a word for it: Rohrkrepierer. Literally translated it means “[projectile] that explodes in the barrel before it exits the weapon”. This is a perfect analogy for what happened when the Fed took out what it felt was the financial Bazooka, just to see equities implode on the close… Read More

The journey to monetary gold and silver

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Markets are just beginning to latch on to the economic consequences of the coronavirus. Central banks are slashing interest rates and beginning to throw new money into the mix and governments are increasing deficit spending. Few analysts have yet to understand the enormous consequences of the coronavirus for missed payments and accumulating current debt, which… Read More

Goldmoney 2020 Outlook Roundtable

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As it has become tradition, Goldmoney’s leadership team – Roy Sebag, James Turk, Alasdair Macleod and Stefan Wieler – were joined by a special guest, former Member of the European Parliament Godfrey Bloom, to film the Goldmoney Roundtable and Outlook video on February 29, 2020.  A myriad of topics were discussed throughout the roundtable. In… Read More