The destructive force and failure of QE

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This article concludes that quantitative easing as a means of stimulating economies and financing government deficits will fail. The underlying assumption is that the transmission of additional money to non-banks in order to inflate financial assets, and to banks to cover government finances, will become too great in 2021 for it to succeed without undermining… Read More

Black Swans, Ordinary Swans, and MetalsGary Christianson

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Miles Franklin sponsored this article by Gary Christenson. The opinions are his and are not investment advice. AT A GLANCE: Expect more of the same for 2021 – massive debt, central bank “printing,” and dollar devaluation, while consumer prices and inflation rise. Gold and silver have been insurance and protection for thousands of years. They… Read More

Is It March All Over Again?

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is it march all over again

October 29, 2020  by Michael Maharrey  0   0 It looks like March all over again. Pretty much everything except dollars sold off yesterday. The Dow Jones was down 943 points. The S&P 500 dropped by 3.53%. The Nasdaq plummeted by 426 points.  It was panic selling as markets fretted about the rise in COVID-19 cases, new lockdowns in… Read More

IDC-backed community group Baroka ba Nkwana interested in buying Bokoni from Amplats

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COMMUNITY group Baroka ba Nkwana has submitted an expression of interest in the Bokoni mine, the Limpopo province mine that was written down for R4.5bn by Anglo American Platinum (Amplats) in 2017. BusinessLive said it had documents showing that the community’s Ayana Baroka group, backed by the government-owned Industrial Development Corporation, wanted to buy Bokoni mine.… Read More

EOS Stable Staking Token & Digital Debit & Credit Cards

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Montreal – TheNewswire – August 13, 2020 – ZeU Crypto Networks Inc. (CSE:ZEU) (CNSX:ZEU.CN) is pleased to announce that it has initiated the process to obtain a license to operate a financial institution in Malta. ZeU will integrate remittance and micro-lending, as well as creating Mula- and ZeU-branded debit and credit cards to integrate with… Read More

Mainstream media acknowledges China will likely compel Saudi’s to sell oil in RMB, causing major hit to dollar and Petrodollar

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In an interview on CNBC on Oct. 11, economist Carl Weinberg told the business network that China is going to compel Saudi Arabia to sell them their oil in the Yuan currency, which will have a serious consequence to the dollar and the Petrodollar system.
Beijing is likely to “compel” Saudi Arabia to sell crude oil in yuan, and others will follow, according to the chief economist and managing director at High Frequency Economics Carl Weinberg. This will hit the US dollar, he says. In an interview with CNBC Weinberg said China has become a key player in the oil market since overtaking the US to become the world's largest importer. Saudi Arabia has “to pay attention to this because even as much as one or two years from now, Chinese demand will dwarf US demand,”Weinberg told the media.
“I believe that yuan pricing of oil is coming and as soon as the Saudis move to accept it — as the Chinese will compel them to do — then the rest of the oil market will move along with them,” he added. A..