Challenging the Mainstream COVID-19 Lockdown Narrative (w/Mike Green, Nick Hudson & Russel Lamberti)

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In the fight against COVID-19, lockdowns have become a major policy tool used by governments around the world with a stated goal of limiting the spread of the virus and keeping hospitals from running out of capacity. Nick Hudson, CEO of Sana Partners, and Russell Lamberti, Founder of ETM Macro Advisors, are part of Pandemics Data and Analytics, or PANDA, a collective of leading scientists, actuaries, economists, data scientists, statisticians, medical professionals, lawyers, engineers and businesspeople working to challenge the mainstream narrative around lockdowns using scientific evidence that they argue shows that 1) lockdowns are not effective at their stated goals and 2) the secondary costs of lockdowns far outweigh the potential benefits. In this interview with Mike Green of Logica Capital Advisors, Hudson and Lamberti introduce viewers to their organization and make the case that the COVID-19 response does not square with any of the pre-COVID pandemic response protocols that were updated in late 2019, that the effects of lockdowns on children and other marginalized groups have not been properly considered, and that lockdowns could set a dangerous political precedent. As well, Green plays the role of devil’s advocate and challenges both guests on the real problems of measurable excess mortality and dwindling hospital capacity that cannot be denied. Filmed on January 4, 2021. More information about PANDA, their members, and methodologies can be found at

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Challenging the Mainstream COVID-19 Lockdown Narrative (w/Mike Green, Nick Hudson & Russel Lamberti)

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