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FAA Issues 'Emergency Directive' Over "Airworthiness" Of All Boeing 737s

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FAA Issues ‘Emergency Directive’ Over “Airworthiness” Of All Boeing 737s

Tyler Durden

Fri, 07/24/2020 – 08:39

Having seen a series of hope-filled headlines in recent months on the progression of Boeing’s revival of the 737 MAX (despite and industry-wide collapse in demand), the airplane-maker suffered a blow this morning as The FAA issues an “emergency airworthiness directive” requiring operators of any Boeing 737 passenger jet to inspect and potentially replace a key engine component, following four reports of unexpected engine shutdowns.

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The FAA’s order applies to any 737 that has been in storage, which covers any plane that has not been flown in a week. Operators will be required to inspect and potentially replace a certain valve that can get stuck in the open position.

The FAA said it had four recent reports of engines shutting down because of that stuck valve condition.

“Corrosion of these valves on both engines could result in a dual-engine power loss without the ability to restart. This condition, if not addressed, could result in compressor stalls and dual-engine power loss without the ability to restart, which could result in a forced off-airport landing,” the directive indicated.

It would appear that the plane “designed by clowns… supervised by monkeysis suffering once again from Boeing’s cost-cutting efforts (in lieu, some might claim, of safety).

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