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Gold Price Rigging Continues

IM Gold 10 11 2017

Again gold was taken down on the futures market, but this time was done at the Comex opening. Apparently 4 million ounces of gold was traded in 10 minutes.

This was reported by Bloomberg. This article explains how it was done. Previously Investing Matters has reported how the paper gold price is taken down on my post Gold Price Rigging Charts.

Andrew Maguire reported that the Plunge Protection Team was behind the take down.

The manipulation on the Gold and Silver continues. Nick Laid of has been documenting the manipulations with links to various law suits on Gold and Silver.

So buy that Physical Gold and Silver and not Exchange Traded Funds ( ETF’S) or Exchange Traded Notes ( ETN’S ). Refer to Gold ETF Mechanics.

Also see a article  on Wealth Transfer Schemes by bankers.


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