Goldilocks? Core CPI Surges Near 7-Year Highs, Headline Weakest In 15 Months

After rebounding in October, Final Demand Producer Prices grew slower in November (at 2.5% YoY, and the weakest since August 2017). 

However, Core PPI surged to 2.7% YoY – near its highest since September 2011…


Under the hood, Energy prices plunged as food costs jumped…

Final demand services:

Most of the November advance in prices for final demand services can be traced to margins for fuels and lubricants retailing, which jumped 25.9 percent. The indexes for health, beauty, and optical goods retailing; cellular phone and other wireless telecommunications services; airline passenger services; food wholesaling; and truck transportation of freight also moved higher. Conversely, prices for guestroom rental fell 3.5 percent. The indexes for machinery and equipment wholesaling and for portfolio management also declined.

Final demand goods:

Leading the November decrease in the index for final demand goods, gasoline prices dropped 14.0 percent. The indexes for liquefied petroleum gas, electric power, fresh fruits and melons, jet fuel, and primary basic organic chemicals also moved down. Conversely, the index for pharmaceutical preparations rose 1.5 percent. Prices for fresh and dry vegetables and for residential natural gas also increased.   

None of this should be a huge shock as the market’s inflation expectations have collapsed as oil’s price has plunged…

Over to you Jay.


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