Greece Default Coming, MSM Economic Propaganda, NSA Continues to Spy Legally

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If you have to loan a country to pay its debts, isn’t that a default. The bankers have piled the debt on Greece, and it can never be paid. Greece says it cannot make its 300 million euro payment to the IMF (International Monetary Fund) and wants to bundle the debt and put off the payment until the end of the month. I think the Greeks are going to get that last 7 billion euro loan package, and it will officially default this fall. They say a Greek default is priced into the markets, but the folks I talk to say when the default is officially realized, it will cause big financial problems.

The economic propaganda seems to continue at an unrelenting pace. Just last week, there was a .7% contraction in the first quarter GDP, and this week, the main stream media (MSM) was back at it with this headline that says “Economy picking up steam.” The day before, the same newspaper ran a headline that said “Stingy Spenders Hold back Growth.” Which is it? Are we growing or contracting? I think the economy is clearly contracting, and the MSM continues to lie to try to make things look better than reality.

Here is some more MSM propaganda. The headline reads “NSA Data Collection Ended.” While that is true that the USA Freedom Act has ended so-called meta-data collection, the spying has not. The NSA can now legally record your calls and use the information. It just cannot keep the meta-data; so, the headline is misleading. It is a step in the right direction, but a very small one. You still have the secret courts and spying on all Americans. This new law just made what was illegal and unconstitutional legal.

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