Happy New Year – and a promise to be near you during potentially turbulent 2019

The party dial has been turned down with age. Nowadays I celebrate December 31 rather sedately. So on Monday, we saw in the New Year watching London’s spectacular display on the box, where the bonus was the BBC charging my favourite Strictly Come Dancing stars to usher in 2019.

Some believe the way you start the new year sets the tone for the 12 months that follow. I’m hoping that’s the case for us at BizNews, where we plan a return to fine-tuning after 2018’s planning and execution of three major projects – the site’s upgrade and redesign; our partnership with the Wall Street Journal; and the creation of our new internet radio station.

With a massive news year ahead, it’s just as well this heavy lifting is behind us. London’s spectacular fireworks could be a portent of Westminster in the run-up to Brexit’s end-March deadline. And in SA, 2019’s general election is another critical national watershed where president Cyril Ramaphosa seeks the mandate to take some very tough decisions.

Thanks for your support in 2018 and, indeed, during all five the years Biznews has been around to serve you. We intend to stay at your side again through the promised turbulence of 2019. Providing the rational perspective, naturally.


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