Has Silver Broken Out?

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After calling the second-half lows for spot gold and spot silver prices almost to the exact dollar with gold and to the exact time period with silver, as pointed out in this article. Following the release of this article, I followed up this prediction on my daily snapchat channel, skwealthacademy, with another prediction once gold and silver asset prices illustrated some weakness to end July and to start August. When the MACD technical indicators all started to turn down in early August with spot gold, spot silver, and PM stock indexes, many ominous predictions were released, stating that another prolonged banker raid on gold/silver asset prices would trigger an imminent plunge on all PM asset prices.

I, on the other hand, offered a completely different prediction, warning against being too strongly influenced and misled the short-term “white noise” of declining gold and silver prices that manifested at the end of July and the start of August and instead stated last week that a reversal was coming, possibly as early as this week. And yesterday, though it is still too early to confirm that a sustainable reversal is forming, silver prices were up more than 3% from the prior day when I woke up today in Asia and gold prices had risen by more than 1.3%. Certainly, this is a good start to a potential reversal.

It is important to note that gold and silver often have suffered from many false breakouts in the past, one-day of solid performance certainly does not signify a sustained reversal is on the way, and there are certain behaviors in the price of gold assets that have yet to materialize that I need to see before I would be willing to more confidently state that a sustained turnaround in both gold and silver price assets is on the way. I will leave this further analysis for my Crisis Investment Opportunities members and my Platinum members. However, I am near certain, that when a strong surge in gold and silver asset prices develops during the second half of 2017, it is going to catch the bulk of investors by surprise, simply for the reason that the bulk of investors will not be on board for this surge when it happens. The Central Banker created perception that they can indefinitely suppress the prices of gold and silver assets and indefinitely keep stock market indexes levitated, though it is a false one, is ruling markets now, but perception will yield to reality in the second half of 2017.

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Source: The SmartKnowledgeU