How to Prepare for the End of Dollar Hegemony

The global monetary system underpinned by massive government debt can subsist for only so long before reality kicks in. What will come next?

Massive wealth transfer, says Chris Martenson, CEO and co-founder of Peak Prosperity. He argues faith in the US dollar is not eternal, and those holding bonds, stocks, and fiat currency will bear the brunt of the fallout.

That is why big players, billionaires, and endowment funds are already taking cover in hard assets such as land and precious metals.

In our first Junior Mining Update, a new segment sponsored by the Discovery Group, Jim Paterson of ValOre Metals explains how the end of the year presents great opportunities to investors in this industry.

Show notes: http://goldnewsletter.com/podcast/how-prepare-end-of-dollar-hegemony/
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