In A Gold Bull Market Expect Surprises to the Upside says Jordan Roy-Byrne

In this interview, Jordan Roy-Byrne of offers his outlook on gold and the junior gold sector.  He explains that in a gold bull market the surprises tend to come to the upside.  Jordan also addresses whether the silver juniors have run up too far and fast due to investor speculation or whether they are telegraphing a higher move in silver.  Also, he discusses how technical analysis is useful in a gold bull market and answers a skeptic’s question about resource sector newsletter writers.

0:00 Introduction

1:30 Historical analogue to current gold and gold stock market

7:54 Gold bull market brings surprises to the upside

11:19 How is technical analysis most useful in a gold bull market?

15:31 Silver juniors’ outperformance and what it means

20:25 Answering a skeptic’s question about newsletter writers

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