Investing Matters Reads

Great minds discuss ideas and the average minds discuss events. Capitalism has been blamed for the financial mess that we live in, and, our financial system has changed over the last few years from Capitalism to Credit-ism. People are eating caviar, but should be eating rice. Globally, central banks are forcing savers to spend their savings, and due to historical low interest rates, debtors are taking money from the savers. Economies can only grow by capital formation and not debt.

Traditional mainstream media are misinformed and not reporting the real truth to the man in the street. To access true and real information, called alternative media, we recommend that you look at the following web sites. In this age, telling the truth, is a revolutionary act.

Institutional advisors, that drive their Ford to work, are giving financial advise to the Porsche driving wealthy. The Ark was built by an amateur and the Titanic was built by experts. We hate the sin (bank bailouts) but love the sinner. According to the central bankers, financial institutions have recovered from the financial crisis yet, our economy is getting worse.

It is important to educate yourself and not rely on financial advisors as knowledge is power. I have gained my financial knowledge and been inspired by reading the following financial books. These books changed my life, from working for a company, to investing for myself. Don't work for money, let money work for you.

The majority of South Africa's population vote for a living, and do not work for a living as is happening globally, especially in the western world. Our government cannot indefinitely borrow money to give to people that do not work, as Margaret Thatcher once said, " Socialism is great until you run out of other peoples' money." The takers or non producers, are taking money from the over taxed producers and job creators. With their high taxation and regulations, governments do not create jobs, instead, they destroy jobs. They should first allow wealth to be created before distributing it, and not distribute wealth before it is created.

Let the free market work without government intervention and without central banks manipulating the economy.